Z9 performance and general discussion


Not possible, real. I’m the one who proposed the conf file solution, I really know what I’m talking about. But…abou “possible” it must be possible to hack it:wink:


I thought it was someone else with the config file via the .tar archive.


Maybe the new devices pulling a different .conf file?


echo "\"bitmain-use-vil\" : "true","				>> /config/cgminer.conf
echo "\"bitmain-freq\" : \"${ant_freq}\""				>> /config/cgminer.conf


Flash to may firmware, then it will be overclockable. Did it to two of my units received a couple of days ago (batch shipped 5th to 15th september). Running stable on 681 and 687 so far. Both units crapped out after two days on these frequencies. Clocked down to 675 now (same as my batch 2 unit).

EDIT: Just to clarify. My two units were also “locked” at 500 before I flashed the firmware, just as you describe. I’ve done the Chrome fix on my batch 2 unit (which worked), but the same fix did not work on the latest batch. Reverting to the previous firmware did.


Do you have the batch 2 (August 12th)firmware file? im trying to revert mine back to the batch 2 firmware but i dont have a copy of it.


I don’t. But what makes you think your problem is related to firmware (see my previous response to you)?


Had one of my boards drop out this morning. Rebooted it, still wouldn’t run, dropped the frequency to 668 and so far running fine. Weird that it ran so long so well and then just… changed.


Still trying to understand it…10 machines did that joke to me 2 days ago.


Interesting but not possible I think. If I create I back up I can see the value I wrote. And…the pool data are the right ones, must be some other trick. I really don’t like to flash the firmware…but.


Maybe you find it useful: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zfy3xuyk8mqt6sj/Antminer-Z9-Mini-201805262047-500M.tar.zip?dl=0


Ok, this is definitely a Firmware file including flash utility. I have read many people calling “firmaware” the “configuration file”.

So the question is, did someone flash the 2nd or 3rd batch Z9 using this one and had some improvement?

Thank you


As, I’ve written previously, I have flashed two batch 3 units (Z9 mini) using the may 2018 firmware file. I got the file from a user on a discord channel, but it is named the same as the one posted above. I have not flashed my batch 2 unit, as this could be overclocked using the Chrome fix.


We flashed 5 testing-machines (all of them from Batch 2) with the Antminer-Z9-Mini-201805262047-500M.tar.gz version, the only “improvement” was that the Chrome fix became obsolete, we just got back the regular drop-down menu.

In terms of reliability or OC there was no change noticeable.

Our Z9M rack runs stable @ 681 for more than 4 days now.


Did you try get going higher? 700 for example?


Is this batch 1 firmware?


We did not get any stable result @ 700M 706M 712M since hashboard 1 stopped working after +/- 10 min.


Same results with Batch 1 and Batch 2 FW; we were not able to achieve stable operation over 681. However, we are quite happy with 15 KSol on average per device.


That’s your Power Supply, I use HP Server Power Supplies, Use TWO 1200 Supplies, Have 1 Board and the Dongle on Top Connected to one supply and the other supply have 2 Boards connected to it.

Wine Dissapears… I can put it at 40% fan… sitting hashing at 45-50k And db= 30-40 … Pretty low.


I doubt that if I put two 1600W power supplies it will decrease in db. I don’t even hit 1000W with two minis connected to it and he was talking about minis not Z9’s


freak :unamused:, one of my z9minis failed at 668_freq one hour ago. didn’t had the time to check the log.