Zcash 10.000 - but how?

Few weeks ago I took all the money I had on my bank account and I invested in zcash.
It was a bit scary at first, but now I feel confident that I made a great move.

Spontaneously I started talking to my friends about it and in these few weeks until today, my friends and family invested over $50,000usd in ZEC following my example.

There are lots of people on this forum, you know what to do, spread the word, mouth to mouth is a very powerful thing.

Everybody do their part and hold ZEC, everybody contribute a little bit and we will see ZEC reaching same price like BTC…it’s all it takes…


You are lucky they can be persuaded my family are sceptical about cryptocurrency and hate the fact that I am involved in mining. Sad! This makes scaling my rig very difficult.

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Hey Icedie,
Well, I’ve earned their trust because of my previous success, so this time it took no effort to convince them to follow me.
Your family doesn’t have to follow you, but they do talk, believe me each spoken word has a huge impact.
Bitcointalk forum community made BTC what it is today, we have the same task ahead of us, unite and win!

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This is sad, but then again they are most likely misinformed due to bad press etc. Whats current setup if you don’t mind asking?

2 nvidias 1 750ti and 1 1060. Around 350 h/s but to upgrade i need a new mobo and PSU.

ok, which mobo and PSU did you have in mind?

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Z270 and a 750w until further notice! I read nice reviews about them.

How the hell did this thread turn into boring mining discussion? :frowning:


I panicked and dropped all my ZEC into BTC for the time being. Sorry ZECians

Hope everything turns out to be an happy ending and not mad-hard feelings.

I personally don’t enjoy “convining” people to invest in crypto, it’s too much pressure, there is no garantee that tommorows market won’t crash and so on…

I do tell people to try it out, starting with very small investment (100-500) .


Hi johnwisdom,
IMHO entire crypto market can’t just crash all of a sudden, crypto trading is not something new people only think so because it’s new to them. Exchanges existed more then 10 years ago, cryptocurrencies are not a new thing.

I also don’t convince people to buy same as you, they ask me on their own and I give them my honest opinion and that is to invest in ZEC, because I see it as a great investment.
I do tell them that no matter what there is a small chance that they could fail, but there is risk involved in every business/investment and this one is as safe as they get and the reward is huge.

If you try to convince people they look at you like herbalife representative and they start hating you, zcash and crypto world instantly.

I was lucky to invest in BTC very very early so I can easily convince people around me into anything money related without any effort.

My advice to every single ZEC adopter it to just tell one person per week about Zcash and that’s it, nothing more, just tell them I bought some zcash and I expect tons of $$$ and stop talking about it.

Believe me it’s much more effective then posting comments online like “OMG ZCASH 9999999 SOON!!!”


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Nothing new buddy, 99% of all BTC very early adopters sold all their BTC when it reached $10.

I’m really curious to know how much all your bank money was…

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I don’t feel comfortable talking about it, but I will tell you that I had some BTC when it was under $10, then I invested a lot in BTC when it was ~$60 and sold it all when it was between 7-10k usd.
I invested a lot in zcash, not because it’s the best, I did some research and everything, but mostly because I have a great feeling about it, same feeling I had about BTC I can already smell the money coming my way.
It might take some time, but I am 100% certain I know how to pick a winner.
Don’t follow me or take my advice, I am simply saying what I did and how I feel, you follow your own path.


See this weekend you could have sold it for $750 - $800.
Never sell when it’s down, only when it’s peaking.

I plan to hold all my ZEC until the end of 2025 or until it reaches $25.000, whatever comes first

Tell your friends about ZEC, always ask in any store at the cash register do they accept Zcash or Bitcoin, make a youtube video about zcash, put zcash bumper sticker on your car, wirte “buy zcash” on some publicly visible wall…

BTC is no better then ZEC, remember that! Keep spreading!

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Well that is a risk I took and there is nothing I can do now but start believing in zcash more.

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