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Show/pay only the confirmed ones ?!


My proofs are in my pocket, always!!!
Just look for example, on this 2 links:
One day distance between them. Highest peak ever in Flypool 1.5 zec
One day mining in Dwarfpool 2 zec

Network hashrate, miner, config, etc still the same at one day distance.
You can say it's luck...but is not luck.


Well, I can't argue against this...
We do this for money, if somewhere else you get more money... that's all.


No because when I stop my miner in flypool I stop getting more coins. But in other pools your unconfirmed amounts slowly adds to your balance when you stop mining.


What were the ZEC difficulties for the time period that you mined on flypool and then dwarfpool? Sounds like on dwarfpool you're setting a static difficulty 4000H, where as on flypool you're using vardiff/2000H. Have you tried setting the same static difficulty on flypool that you're using on dwarfpool to see if your results improve?

I've mined on the OPs ETH pools and he's always done right by us miners when there are true mistakes found with the pool, so no trust issues here with regards to him stealing shares etc...could the code potentially not be fully optimized or issues with vardiff, sure there could be, but I have full faith that the pool op will reimburse all miners affected and even give 0% fees for a while just like he does on his ETH pools. I've received said reimbursement from his ETH pool, so no reason not to expect the same treatment here.

How about split your rigs 50/50 and use static diff on flypool with the same diff setting from dwarf and compare your payouts. The screen caps you posted are invalid to me as they are on different days with different difficulties. Apples to Oranges


If setting different difficulty gives you different payouts it means something is wrong with pool payouts calculations


That's exactly my point and the test I mentioned I feel would prove that short of individual pool luck.

I can't remember the wording flypool had up about how they implemented a new statistics setup for the pool a while back, but there could be issues/optimizations that could be made to their implementation to improve things. No way to show them proof other than a side by side demonstration with another pool...I may do it myself actually since I will have 14khs once I finish working on a rig...


i doubt flypool or suprnova have wrong calculation, i would rather suspect they get from poor to give big mining farm, to attract them so they could stick with pool... I have only 1khs


It's easy to check if that's what they are doing. Just go to the main page and click on a wallet for a large miner from the "Top Miners" section and look at their payouts for the past few days. Then input their hashrate into a mining calculator and see what you get and if it's more or less than what they're currently earning....

Again knowing the OP from his ETH pools (ethermine.org/ethpool.org), I HIGHLY doubt that's the issue. If there is an issue it would be with their statistics module used to compute and convert the submitted shares...


It looks to me as if @peter_zcash has bounced the pool a couple times in the last 24 hours. No one else has mentioned it, but the "set static diff using the password parameter" went away some 12+ hours ago or so. The pool is back to a static 2000 diff (I had mine at 8000 until it went away). He could be looking for a bug in that code, or some other problem. Personally, given that the pool hasn't found blocks commensurate with the pool's hash rate for many days, far beyond any "luck" factor, I think someone may be submitting duplicate shares or some such. And flypool is not the only pool I think this might be happening to. Zcash seems to have put all of its effort into the zk-snark crypto side of the network and forgot that you actually need a client that is operating correctly and efficiently in all the other areas, too. I don't think they did any pool testing before they released it. Zcash 1.1 can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned. Just my 2cents.


so i switched my small 1,95 KH rig collection to suprnova for 24h to check out if it could be better. and YES, its is better than flypool...0,045 zec better = 3,5€ a day better. those 3,5 is huge for a small miner like me. Switched 10KH of the enterprise rigs also to suprnova....dont wanna do any assumptions if any1 is cheating or smth, but as some lads above said: we do it for money and we do it there where we get more money :smiley: so bye bye flypool


Lol I can't tell who is being honest with their rates of return anymore. I have been on Suprnova since the zcash launch. I switched to flypool two days ago, and started making more money.

Suprnova- 650h/s was getting me about 0.05 ZEC a day

Flypool- 650h/s is getting me 0.08 ZEC a day

I'm sticking with Flypool for the time being.


Something is not right on Flypool.
I been having around 450 to 480 shares and now 350 to 380 shares
Where did my 100 shares go?

Also this up and down jumping can't be right either.
I been monitoring Claymore and it delivers a steady ~1560, so why is the graph jumping up and down.
The average hash rate ~1508 seems about right though.

2 hours later !?


Got exactly the same thing happening to me. Claymore all steady and in last few hours I even have a gap in the top hashrate graph.

Reported hashrate on flypool for me seems to vary +- 15-20% from my actual hash rate.


You know the developer/operator? That's a great advantage!
Sadly I don't.
I asked for help some days ago to clarify what's going on, since then I'm being ignored.


Well, the hash rate reported by CM and the hash rate reported by flypool are two different things, so perhaps that's why they don't agree. :slight_smile: I (and many other folks) have said this over and over, but I guess people would rather complain than read. The CM hash rate, or any hash rate reported by any miner, is simply the number of times your GPU executed the hash algorithm (times ~2 for Zcash, to give you Sols/s), i.e. it's a raw hash rate that does not indicate, in any way, how many of the solutions produced are actually below the target difficulty, and thereby receive a share on your pool. The hash rate reported by the pool is the effective hash rate, i.e. the hash rate that actually produced shares. This hash rate is governed by how many of your raw (GPU) hashes are below the target difficulty, which is based on probabilities, not the mechanics of your GPU's ability to perform calculations. The effective hash rate on the pool will always vary up and down, since the probabilities of your raw solutions satisfying the current block difficulty vary continually. This holds true for the pool as a whole, as well.


this explains why the average hash rate stays even though it jumps up and down

how do you explain the loss of ~100 shares and then i write this message and the shares are suddenly there again
also why does it take 30 minutes or more for the pool to register the miner on new connect and the pool registers the miner instantly on drop

something is not right and just to make sure everyone understands
i am not accusing anybody but this needs to be investigated and fixed


No i don't know the OP personally. I've mined on his ETH pools since February of this year and have experienced first hand how he handles pool issues when they are identified.

The OP for flypool is dr_pra and you can read through those two threads to see how issues with the pool were handled when identified and the reason behind my confidence in the OP.


Has anyone noticed that since flypool removed the "-p diff" feature the pool hash rate has dropped about 20% (19M -> 15.3M) and the number of blocks found (relative to pool hash rate) has improved noticeably? The pool's 24hr "luck" metric has hit neutral (100%), and gone higher, for the first time in over a week (from my monitoring, anyway). The pool has been running much better the last day or so.


I just used the default port, so never noticed that the -p diff option wasn't working until you mentioned it. I'll be interested to see how your payouts compare before and after once you get a full days run in...