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Thank you all for your feedback. We have heard your concerns and started a full review of the pools stratum code to ensure that we can rule out the possibility of an attacker exploiting a bug to submit fake or duplicate shares. After lots of tests we can rule out this assumption. Nevertheless we did use the opportunity to deploy some additional improvements to our stratum code both security and efficiency wise. Our mining servers can now handle the same amount of miners with just a fraction of the resources it used to require. This allows us, in case a server goes down, to quickly re-route mining to another server.

Security wise we did add a scalable IP blacklisting feature. This allowed us to quickly mitigate a fake share attack against the pool a few days ago.

The "-p diff" feature was disabled during the investigation and will be re-enabled it soon.

Also we have updated the pool to the latest Zcash 1.0.4 version and will soon start to test direct payouts to z addresses which will allow you to leverage the full potential of Zcash.

Thanks for mining with us!


@peter_zcash Thanks so much for all the improvements! I know all about variance, but the pool sure looks to be running super now - it isn't just "luck".

Could you share with us the details of the pool's payout? Specifically, how many confirms a block needs before the earnings are distributed? It may help some people clarify the difference between the pool mining a block and their unpaid balance being updated for that block. I know on ethermine.org you wait 10 confirms, I believe. Is it the same on flypool?

Happy Holidays!!


i would be interested to know why there was 100 shares less and now after the fix it is back to normal again.
And what happens to those shares?


Anyone can tell me if this pool is performing good!! how is the payout VS. the real thing ...thank You


"The "-p diff" feature was disabled during the investigation and will be re-enabled it soon."

Can't wait for the "-p diff" to come back, since I'm submitting almost 11k shares an hour at the 2000 default. I know it helps the load on the pool, as well as the local miner, to have an appropriate diff for your hash rate.

"Also we have updated the pool to the latest Zcash 1.0.4 version and will soon start to test direct payouts to z addresses which will allow you to leverage the full potential of Zcash."

If it tests out OK, is it at all possible to implement a seamless transition from our current t-address to a z-address, rather than having to abandon the t-address and start over with a new z-address pool account?



I'm repeating myself (a couple of posts back), but yes, the pool is running very well. My spreadsheet, that has proven very reliable for ETH and Zcash, says I should average a ZEC every 5hrs 45mins, and over the last 24 hours I've gotten one every 5hrs 38mins, on average.


@peter_zcash, is there a projected date for the -p diff field to be enabled?


there is a mac miner now for zcash written by Cocomos


Unfortunately payouts to z addresses will remain disabled for the time being. We have tested paying out directly to z address using the latest Zcash version 1.0.4 but the system is simply to slow for large scale payments required by the pool. Paying to just 10 timers took between 7 and 15 minutes which is not suitable for paying out thousands of miners in a timely fashion. We will continue to monitor the Zcash developments and evaluate the feasibility with every new Zcash version.

Edit: All tests were done on a dedicated Intel Xeon machine with 32 GB or RAM.


Would it make sense to have an interim step where miners that want z-address payout have to set a payout threshold of at least 5 ZEC or something like that? Just a thought, no biggie either way.


is there a way to fix the diff problem with nicehash so I can use your pool there?


Hi Support Team,

I'm new to zcash mining in flypool. When I mining for almost 4 hours, the total shares that I received more than 500++ shares but why in the Dashboard only shown less than 200 shares in total ?

1) Where do I find the missing shares ?
2) Can you investigate why this happen ?
3) What is flypool has done to encounter this issue where I read in the forum many shares that been mine in this web have been stolen by someone else ?
4) How do you fix & solutions for this issue that been reported long time back ?
5) I'm using Claymore v9.3 Beta to mine zcash, please help to solve this issue accordingly ?

Your cooperation & response much appreciated.



i want to know this to


@peter_zcash, is the site down?

Having trouble viewing anything. Miners are still connected, but can't access the site via browser.

Edit: it's back up, disregard :smile:


it show cloud flare,i think site is offline


Website is down for me also, miners still work.

Should we wait or stop mining?


The Webinterface was under a DDoS attack. We have enabled our mitigation protocol and the site is available again.

Mining was unaffected by this issue.


hey why cant i get connection on nicehash? get the pool diff is to low 125 needs to be 127.

why the var diff or pasword diff not enabled?

or am i doing somthing wrong


On flypool.org you can use the password field to set your difficulty. I have no idea what value you need to use...

Password Leave empty or enter your custom share difficulty (default difficulty is 2000)

http://luckpool.org is setup to support NiceHash rentals :slight_smile:


Hey peter_zcash, I have a balance on flypool pointed at a Z-Address, I know payouts aren't working yet for those. Is there a way to switch it to a T-address?

EDIT: https://ethpool.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/8000044935-how-to-move-funds-from-a-zcash-z-address-to-a-zcash-t1-address-on-flypool

Is this still the way to go?