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You received your payout, so stop already. If your comments here are any indication of what you expect from life, you're not going to be a very happy person.


Of course, I'll do whatever you say I have to do, I am unhappy but very obedient person. And thank you for your implicit help about the safety of the network.


It was never unsafe, there was a glitch / hiccup / technical issue that caused a delay. If there was a HUGE problem you would be seeing everyone here blowing up the forums and the support desk of what ever pool they are using.

Before the resolution was 100% implement/corrected you discovered it and from your tone and wording of your posts you believed the pool was cheating you. I hope everything is corrected, hope you continue to mine and add to the Zcash forums.


You're very welcome; my pleasure.


In order to optimize mining performance and to save bandwidth we have increased our Zcash default share difficulty to 8000. It is normal that your total number of shares is now lower than previously. Earnings are not affected by this change!


Was the default difficulty 2000 before? As shares seem to have reduced to a quarter of what they were,,


Yes, the default before was 2000.


Hi Blue,
These shares are just some ratio from your mining. Your Hashrate seems to be alright like a bit less of your actual mining.
Due to fees, some losts during connection etc. You can maybe try to setup a bit better your config file.


Right, now it is adjusted to be 8000. Once I connect to flypool, I can feel the fans run much faster using AMD cards. I set up a new Rig using 5 RX 480, the PSU was down and one wire was burnt, so I have to reduce the intensity and power limit. Now I set -30% of power limit, with intensity 5. The power meter shows it consumes 830W. The hash rate has been reduced to 290 h/s per card on average.


@peter_zcash when will mining to a z-address be added to flypool? people are stating that dwarf pool has mining to z-addresses so it seems as though it works fine now. Can you please add mining to a z-address? Thanks


Just as an observation: dwarf pool is tiny compared to flypool; it's the shear volume of z-txs that causes the problem, since it's a performance/scalability issue. I don't believe ZcashCo has any roadmap to improve the situation until the "sprout" HF updates the current ZK-snark algo implementation. Currently, there's no indication of when "sprout" will happen, but it's definitely not in the next several months. That's my understanding, anyway.


i see, thanks for the tech knowledge :slight_smile:


So you mean Dwarf pool accept Z-addr which makes it less productive than other pools like flypool? I am currently mining at Dwarfpool, nearly a whole day until now without any block being found yet.


No, that's not what I mean. Paying out to z-addresses doesn't have any effect on whether the pool is finding blocks.


@peter_zcash so the same thing happened to me again. I am trying to change the settings on the flypool page but I cannot since it is not recognizing my IP address. It has some other IP stored which I never had. Anything I can do to fix it?


then you must have more than one machine mining... if you only have "one" machine that you are mining with..sigh...

then go to What is my I.P. outside of my cable modem.router

If you have more that one machine running, then you need to find all the I.P.'s for each machine...

IF you only have one, and its still not your I.P., the next thing to check is if you are putting the correct wallet info into the search field!


Hi @CitricAcid so I have only one rig right now. I did check if my wallet address is correct. I disconnected my rig from flypool right now and there still says there is one active worker connected to the pool using my wallet address but there is no hash power and no other workers with hashing power I can see. i only have two workers.


After mining for 1 night i've noticed a note on the top of Flypool page
saying "Because of performance issues with the Zcash client we are unable to send payout transactions to z addresses! Therefore DO NOT use z addresses to mine on the pool."

I've copied my ZEC address from my Poloniex account to the Claymore miner with no mistakes,
what is the reason for this message ?


It will stay there no matter what. It is not saying that you have a z addresss. So no worries :slight_smile: But I should warn you not to mine directly to the Poloniex account. I did that and they keep your coins. Rather find a wallet and then transfer to Poloniex.


So i can continue mining on the Poloniex address untill I complete 1 coin, then i should switch to another wallet ?

& What are the best wallets to use ?