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It goes like this:

o coin (ZEC) value goes up significantly;
o miners come out of the woodwork to mine the coin;
o network difficulty rises to adjust to higher network hash rate; then
o our number of coins mined per day drops, but the coin value is up.


works fine for me, perhaps your threshold not OK or its inmature value not reall payout value


Thanks for the reply - Unfortunately, it isn't to do with the immature payout value. I have been mining for about 1 month here with no problems with payout until yesterday.


Thats my mining address. Perhaps freewallet are having problems? That is a freewallet address.

I have now moved all my rigs to mine directly into my hitbtc account.


im wondering whats going on with china flypool? maybe kaspersky lab made an update to its anivirus removing chinnese mining bots? an you can believe me or not but couple of biggest of miners are actually botnets.


Because of the recent Zcash problems (see https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/performance-issues-on-the-network/15664/1) we observed degraded performance on our Chinese servers. We had to temporarily fail most of those miners over to our US based servers. We have deployed improvements to our Chinese stratum servers in order to mitigate the issues and re-enabled them.


What is going with zcash payouts?? I've been waiting more than 20 hours for my last transaction and it's still unconfirmed, it doesn't even show up in the block explorer.


Wow, 4 hours and no replies, fricking nice support...


Because of the degraded Zcash network performance some payout transactions are not confirmed by the network. We will re-send all unconfirmed transactions on a regular basis.


And that "regular basis" includes re-send a 25 hours old unconfirmed payout? Because I don't see the coins in my wallet.


Yes, if you are missing a specific tx please create a support ticket.


Sure, I did that 5 hours ago and still no answer.


Crypto currencies don't decompose. There's no need to get your panties in a twist. Shit happens, but Peter will always get it right, so accept that the world is not quite as perfect as you would like, at this moment, and simply wait your turn. Whining is not going to change anything.


@Taxidermista are you waiting on a 12 coin payout or something? Has your dog been ransomware'd and you need 0.01 coins to get it released? I agree with @dlehenky, please stop with the millennial bovine fecal matter of now now now, let someone know there is an issue (which you did), give them 24 hours once you open a support ticket to resolve it, continue to breathe during that time, maybe read a few posts on the difference between hash rate and solutions, or why the 500 series is currently making people a sad panda in the crypto world, and it'll get resolved.
Long Live Vega!


Some reactions, that's nice. Not very useful but nice to know there are human life signs around here. Thank you CitricAcid & dlehenky for your insight.

BTW, lost coins have been returned to my flypool account after 28 hours. Thank you!


The one thing that I think people overlook is that the forum has people making posts and reading them from literally all around the world. What is only a few hours ago in your day may be night time for the person the post is intended for..

So similar to what other people have said, give it a bit of time and I think everything reported as a problem on this forum has been resolved within a relatively short period, but possibly not within a few hours - as people have to sleep, eat, read up about Zcash reaching over $100 etc.. But it does get resolved!


I think that is going to be my favourite quote of 2017!


I took this for granted, but you do realize this is a Zcash forums and has nothing to do with flypool right? Your issue is with flypool. You did get information from here that there was some problems with a server in china that caused degraded performance, some payport transactions are not confirmed and they will resend all unconfirmed transactions and will continue to do so on a regular basis. You were told by the people who use the Zcash forums to open a ticket, and have patience but again the is the Zcash forums, not flypool.

So again this is not flypool, this is the Zcash forums used by people who mine zcash, created zcash, and are interested in zcash to offer thoughts, ideas, and a lot of the times support.


Well, it is the "official", i.e. started by the pool operator, Zcash flypool thread. Pools are about mining, after all. Just sayin'.


Generally we use this thread only for announcements and important information. For individual support inquiries we have a dedicated helpdesk which allows us to efficiently manage incoming support queries.


I don't know if that helpdesk is the right place to ask when will be safe to make zcash transactions again.