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Do you plan to support allowing to point rented hashing power(like from NiceHash) to your pool?


I've rented from NiceHash a few times. It works fine. However, NiceHash's latest GUI update shows at 100% rejection at the pool. Flypool stats show just fine and pays out accordingly though.


Yes, I tried it too, but 100% rejected shares confused me and my order goes inactive before I figured out what's going on with flypool's H/s


Did you rent Standard or Fixed? If you rented Standard you need to keep an eye on your rate otherwise the miners move to other jobs priced higher than yours. Fixed rate pretty much guarantees miners but it's priced slightly higher than Standard in most cases.

But yes, while the NiceHash GUI shows 100% Rejected (It's actually showing it as Timed Out), it does actually work. I'm not entirely sure where the blame lays though. NiceHash or Flypool. Honestly it doesn't bother me as long as it works! I'm just not finding that renting is really that cost effective. The few times I've done it, I ended up breaking even or ended where I would have ended up anyway had I just mined at my usual lower rate.


I tried Standard fare. And yes, exactly as you said) 'otherwise the miners move to other jobs priced higher than yours'
I think I'll try it sometime once more. Not pretty sure too, that it is profitable, need to test.


Oh, and in nicehash's Order page it says that I use incorrect algorithm. But I selected equihash when was placing an order and when I setup a pool setting, pointing on fly pool from nicehash


good day sir, we are new at mining z cash we would want to know how many z coins needed to send to the wallet and how many sol/s to h/s or vice versa ? thank you sir :smiley:


What should be the password for the miners again? I rented from NiceHash too but I forget what the password had to be.


Depends on the pool and how workers are set up. Some pool's use the password to change difficulty while others use it to authorize workers.


I'm using flypool. I used flypool before as wel


So just put whatever in the password. It doesn't matter. The default is usually just "x". Or leave it blank. You can always test the pool setup in NiceHash dashboard as well before throwing money at it.


Oh okay. Yea I remember before the pool difficulty went up you had to put a number for the password.


So I just checked the verification. Everything looks good but I got this message which I never got before.


There's not much you can do about that message as far as I'm aware. That's on the pool side. It hasn't really effected anything that I'm aware of. Flypool runs at 8000 difficulty anyway.


Yea thought so. Thanks boss


Hi, I'm trying to validate my ip for couple days now, but I'm always getting the same error: "Error: Provided IP address does not match requested address!"
How do i fix this? I've checked my ip on many websites, including the one they recommend, everywhere its the same, but when i type it in - it doesnt work. Google didnt help much =(

Any ideas?


how can I save settings?
it doesnt accept my external ip


@metro2084 @bagrata

Are you both trying to do this from the IP address itself or from another place (ie. Cell phone, public WiFi, library etc)?

If your address is DHCP and changes frequently, this may also pose an issue. You may need to be coming from the same IP address as the miners.


No I am doing everything from same the pc and same IP.
my address is fixed but flypool still says "Error: Provided IP address does not match requested address!"


Make sure you are not using a proxy or miningrigrentals. If you are not using those then wait about a day. This problem has happened to me so many times. If I wait a day or so it fixes itself.