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Hello. In case, if some1 still has issues… I have lately faced with the same issue. Fix was pretty straightforward: just get ur public IP with Google (google, “ip address”) and copy - paste it to the Settings field. :slight_smile:


My shares value has been degrading consistently. Is this due to the overall hashrate increasing?


Its due to the variable rate of the difficulty


Something changed in workers dashboard. I cannot see “red” names when some worker go offline…


Something changed in Balance in Miner? The period between new arrival of shares and new information about Hash rates increased. It was ~15 min. now it is ~25 min. Something wrong?


I can only connect to china zcash server and not EU or any other but ch1?


any one can explane to me what happened with nano zcash i mined for 2 h and 30 min with 300 sol/s after this time my Unconfirmed Balance and balance wasn’t change and give a small amount it was 0.0091 and become 0.0093 after 12h i trayed to download the chart.png and here they chock me completly the Statistical Chart is completly defferent from the first that i downloaded after 1 hour from stop the mining and i’ll put the too Statistical Chart the chart 1 is after 1 hour from stop mining and the chart 2 is after 12 hour from stop mining

and sory for my english


I am mining on the pool from 2017-11-15, 10:50 till 2017-11-15 13:10
but received my payment for sam block till time 15.11.2017 12:13:05 (last block 219948)
I am not receiving payment for this blocks:
219970 15.11.2017 13:04
219969 15.11.2017 13:03
219967 15.11.2017 13:01
219965 15.11.2017 12:50
219962 15.11.2017 12:39
219961 15.11.2017 12:35
219960 15.11.2017 12:33
219958 15.11.2017 12:31
219957 15.11.2017 12:30
219956 15.11.2017 12:29
219955 15.11.2017 12:29
219951 15.11.2017 12:23
219950 15.11.2017 12:20
219949 15.11.2017 12:15
At 13:02 15.11.2017 I have hashrate 1.5Mh/s
Where is payment for this time and this blocks


Strange. My Miner Balance Page is not responding. Frozen in the middle of the night. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: https://zcash.flypool.org/miners/t1b2SJKar2EActFQPM4XBA69mcv6HiUdaf2

Sorry… poolhopping and enjoying my new 1070 :wink:

I checked other adresses. They work.


i have a strange problem.
I am starting the miner and everything runs fine for about 12h and suddenly the GPUs stops.
the miner is still running but hashrate is zero.
I dont get any message or something.
I was mining with the exact same settings on suprnova for the last 2 month and had no problem at all.


any idea how to solve this problem??


hello guys, i used the t address. it says there the i got paid when i checked locally my balance is still 0. please help


Sure, is your wallet 100% sync’d?


Hi, im new to flypool and I’ve been struggling to understand the dashboard. Im using ewbf miner and base on flypool homepage the difficulty is set to 2000. How do i confirm my miner is running on 2000 Difficulty? I’ve 52 shares but the normalize share i saw is 912 (effective hash 1.52kh). How are these 2 figure related?


Default difficulty for Flypool is 16000. It’s universally set to that. Your miner will only use that difficulty unless you set it to a_higher_ difficulty. If you’re using Claymore miner you can just hit “s” on your keyboard while the window is in focus and it will tell you: Current ZEC pool share target: 0x00whatever (diff: 16000H). Either way, if your miner is connected and running it’s doing so at the default difficulty. You can’t set your difficulty lower on Flypool.


Thanks for the information. Now I would like to know how to read the dash board graph for normalize accepted share against total share I received. As the number keep changing not by static timeframe.


hey @mycp1tj, your average share will be “normalize” after 1 or 2 days. It’s “normal” to have a 5% decrease of actual real average.

Current hashrate on pool will flactuate a lot, even 25% less and 25% higher, keep in mind only the average from pool dashboard.


Wtf the pool is down again?


seems there are some problems since 40 minutes or so .
my miners still working but webpage not updating .


So we’re sharing our hashrate with the angels again ^^