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GPU and CPU same time


What CPU are you using? I wouldn’t mine using any cpu that is not last gen (8th), it’s just not profitable.

Don’t know what is “-cd 0” of nheqminer, is this command for mining cpu too?
Are you getting shares from your terminal? Does it start mining? Does it show Sol/s?


This is from CPU bat file
nheqminer -l asia1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1XkZjS1nU8dg6neV7TdBDYYq1TsT1d6UXc.work1

[13:36:56][0x000021a0] stratum | Received new job #5c42990c515ddb39b202
[13:37:06][0x000022cc] Speed [300 sec]: 1.06667 I/s, 1.97333 Sols/s
[13:37:16][0x000022cc] Speed [300 sec]: 1.04 I/s, 1.91 Sols/s
[13:37:26][0x000022cc] Speed [300 sec]: 1.02667 I/s, 1.90333 Sols/s
[13:37:36][0x000022cc] Speed [300 sec]: 1 I/s, 1.85333 Sols/s
[13:37:46][0x000022cc] Speed [300 sec]: 0.976667 I/s, 1.83 Sols/s


yes i restart GPU job with miner.exe and GPU worker arrive at the stats but CPU still cant see ((


I started with the assumption that by mining cpu and gpu will increase my earning so i purchased blindly a water cooling for my cpu…but the extra 30sol/s is not worth 95watts when 750ti draws 85sol/s with 65ws so i should have purchased another 750ti ba k the when they were stil available. Good luck finding it today though 1050ti are s8milar.


not only but muuuuch more better (175 sols for 45W)


Just start to mine in flypool. My unpaid balance already exceeded the thredshold but I have never received a single payment yet. Concerning



That’s because your wallet address is incorrect.

To my knowledge all Zcash wallets begin with T1, either you copied it wrong or you do not have a Zcash wallet

and no, you can’t get back what you have mined because of the typo

you need to fix the typo in your miners bat file


Thank you so much!

I visit my conf file again and found that I missed the line “addnode=mainnet.z.cash” before generating my t-address. I include that and zcashd start to synchronize again. I can generate a t-address start with t1 now.


I don’t think this will help you but here is a link and information about possibly getting what you have mined moved to the correct wallet.



Hello, good, you see, I’m trying to mine but when I put my IP I get the following message: “Error: Provided IP address does not match requested address!” My IP is static and never changes, what is the solution?

I also want to say that when I am mining I have the maximum temperature at 70ºC and the graph stops, so I do so that it does not stop even if it reaches those 70ºC?


Ребята,кто майнит зек через флайпул? Раньше было на пуле 7 выплат в сутки по 0.01 зек. Теперь всего 5.Это что опять сложность повысилась? Где-то неделю назад началось. У кого-то наблюдается такое? Может пул поменять? Кто,что посоветует.


What’s wrong with flypool?


Mine is pretty consistent today.


I thought it may be some virus. I checked the status when hash rate was very low, the record shows the respond time is very long and it caused my miners stopped and then restarted.


Anyone knows why it happened when respond time became very large and GPU stopped with log file saying GPU were stuck and He not respond. All the mining rigs under the same network happened at the same time, still cannot figure it out why.


Sometimes this is due to overclocking. It could also be due to one or several of your GPUs going bad. It’s hard to say without more detailed info about which mining software you’re using.


I am using EWBF 0.3.4b on 6 X 1070 8G GPU mining rig. Previously it was normal, now all these GPUs using EWBF got this problem, while AMD GPUs are very stable.


What are your overclocking settings? If it is the same GPU that becomes stuck check the logs to see if it is a specific card and try replacing the riser.


Thanks. My oc settings are very low +80 core +150 memory, I will check if there is a specific riser got the problem very often.