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“when angels deverses to die!”


seems so , seriously considering changing this pool . their apology of 0% fees for 24 hours last time to compensate 5 hours of free mining was a bad joke.
now we are mining for free for the last 80 minutes . that’s equals to 5 days of their income from me if they take only 1% fees .
but we all know its something in range of 10%


According to the website, the entire global server farms for flypool.org were down (9:15 UTC to 10:19 UTC). Maintenance maybe? Would have been nice if an announcement of maintenance had been posted on this forum.


They said it was a problem with the hosting server. Not maintenance.


The statistics in the pool seems to became incorrect so I earn less than deserve. The support ticket was answering like by robot “everything good, just wait and it will be updated” Pool became worse, need to find a new one


Immature Balance and Unpaid balance stay the same for a half an hour, some time longer while my rig is working 100% In the same time hashrate statistics seems to be ok. No answers from pool support on my ticket.


Flypool ‘forgot’ to credit these blocks yesterday: 236445 236444 236443 236431 236430 236429 236428 236427 236426 236424 236423 236420 236419

We happened to monitor them.

Last night they conveniently have erased their block database, so no one can verify this claim now.

However, here is a screenshot showing some of the missing in October, where 212463, 212465, 212455, 212467 were missing: https://imgur.com/5GToXcA3

We happened to monitor them around a month ago, just few days before the last time they have deleted all block information - these missing blocks were occurring every day. So this is not a new thing, and it cannot be an honest mistake either, because they surely would have noticed the excess ZEC on their account.

Might want to consider another pool.

We might check them from time to time and post missing blocks information to this forum occasionally.


Hello, can someone tell me how the fly pool dashboard works? I’ve only been mining this pool for less than a day with 1 worker (~250hps), but I’m watching the shares bounce all around. First time I looked at the dashboard it showed 3 shares (even though I sent a many thousands), then later it showed 13, then later again it showed 8. I’m using SSL, so hijacking shouldn’t be the cause.

Are the shares shown cumulative or for some period of time and are the statistics real-time (or close to it) or are they delayed by some amount of time?

Thank you!


3week Flypool not work ok. My income going down and down I change to Nanopool now is OK.


Dear Flypool,

I am miner, my email is dinhvilla@gmail.com; my wallet is
My IP:
I am mining Zcash by Nvidia PC about 3-4 days but I did not receive any award from Flypool.
Why did not flypool payment for me?


at first you should get atleast 1 share. did you recieve any share ?


No i haven’t. I need to receive my award from my mining.


There have been two payouts to your wallet address… you need to check your wallet


No i have not. My wallet is t1PJbVDmCrti5SgytLEYLKvFvdrvrMNzYrS
on Jaxx. And i did not see any Zcash.
Pls check again.


Dear Sir,
I just have received my Zcash for mining.
Thank you!


Jaxx has a problem with cache. Clear cahces then check your wallet


Hi. Im just started using zcash.flypool.org maining about 1 hour but still nothing in my statistics when it is begin to my stats ? http://zcash.flypool.org/miners/t1XkZjS1nU8dg6neV7TdBDYYq1TsT1d6UXc


share your .bat file


nheqminer -cd 0 -l asia1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1XkZjS1nU8dg6neV7TdBDYYq1TsT1d6UXc.workGPU


Are you mining with GPU or CPU?

If you wish to mine with GPU I would suggest you downloading another software (EBWF or DSTM)