ZCash Stratum proxy (Increase earning up to 10%)

Basically yes, zecproxy main feature is to aggregate the work of several rigs in one unique “virtual miner”.
So for only 1 miner no gain.

okay thank you

and also to let you know with nicehash I get the error: rejected: Invalid nonce size. and also rejected: above target size

EDIT I need to restart the stratum in order to fix it
EDIT 2: looks like an dirty fix like (if this error happend then restart) right?

Tested this for 3 days with 3 rigs connected, compared to 1 week before without zcash proxy, did not bring me anymore shares, nanopool. Maybe you need to have more then 3 rigs to see any change

We use it with more than 10 to 20 rigs (depending on mining roi) with profits, so perhaps 3 rig it’s the equilibrium point…
@Linda did you have earning feedback on your farm ?

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@PistoleDev I made tests 1 rig even with 1 single rig I see +3.5-4% improvement of speed. With 7 rigs Equihash about 15-20% improvement with speed. sometimes happened with 1.0.5 invalid solution I fixed it if err=“Invalid Solution” => restart.sh
So far so good trying to make some Monero proxy, but it looks I will need to run the node as well. :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing linda :wink:

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so you are saying that you saw 3-4% extra shares with just a single rig ?

@brainbudt @PistoleDev Yes that’s right 3-4% speed improvement with single rig.

  • quick get job, without proxy I had more rejected shares, with proxy low latency.
  • Security of rigs subnet without access to internet just to proxy
    Works perfect with nanopool.
    I’m not using Flypool because of wrong setup of pool and even without proxy everyone loosing approximately 5-8% hash rate - rejected shares.

Every rig has 2 network cards same proxy 2nd card have access to internet via different IP - just SSH and VNC for management and monitoring if I’m out of farm to manage rigs, proxy. It’s bit paranoid security, but works for me.
Want to do some port for global proxy stats http => and add Monero 2 rigs Same way like Zcash at the moment.

wow! I hope they will support nicehash pool fast then!

did you used it with ewbf or dstm ?
I’m asking this because dstm also uses that json-rpc that this proxy also uses so I’m not sure if that even makes it better or not?

I’m not using dstm it is much slower than EWbf. I don’t see reason using slower mining software

well then I think you have configured it wrong or ewbf way to good!
because I do have noticed a 3-6% increase in performance

Configuration is ok, dstm is close source and it looks it have in code written to show 3% bigger hashrate as is the actual real is. Even on my test pool dstm show 460 sols on local pool real 446 Sols/s. Ewbf 473 sols on local pool real 471 sols.
I was testing that couple of hours it looks just another developer want 2% but his software is fooling miners and showing inaccurate hashrate.
For me is important have real hash rate in software => pool. And that at moment fulfill the EWBF

how long did you test dstm before getting to this conclusion?

It was running 8 hours, v0.5.3 just an 2 hours it was more unstable than 0.5.2, after an hour it has difference -8-10% approximately 29-48 sols lower than displayed if sending Dev shares. Overall I was reading bedtime stories at bitcoin talk how fantastic and higher hash rate, truly not there at all and that’s the reason why I’m still using EWBF on all my rigs. DStm for me failed in my tests.

Exactly the same conclusion, we used Ewbf (without & with proxy), then tried Dstm (again without & with proxy) and we came back on Ewbf for production.
There are our stats (average hashrate, benchmark made with a farm subset of 5 rigs 6 x 1070, 1 week testing for each) :
Ewbf console output : 2350 sol/s
Ewbf pool average no proxy : 2320 sol/s
Ewbf pool average with proxy : 2510 sol/s
Dstm console output : 2540 sol/s
Dstm pool average no proxy : 2280 sol/s
Dstm pool average with proxy : 2330 sol/s
So, sure dstm output more sols than ewbf on the console, but the average hashrate pool-side (the only really important) is not the same…


@PistoleDev hey have you tried ZM miner is also an equihash miner like EWBF but a few percentage faster in average ( the one that matters) i tried both miners in fly pool and the result was 6 to 8 % faster with ZM miner.

Great Job!!!..Any plans for ethereum claymore in future?

nice info @Icedie will try it :slight_smile: