ZCash Stratum proxy (Increase earning up to 10%)

It will never work with Flypool any pool that have more then 85 MB is rejecting shares if block found - duplicate shares, another problem is difficulty set up of the pool there is not correctly setup the config on side of pool loosing 6-8% of hash rate as rejected shares. Your proxy works perfect with dwarfpool and nanopool that are the best setuped pools at the moment. Do not waste your precious time with Flypool - need to be fixed from pool side and not your software. How about to do Monero proxy :heart:

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Thank you Linda, but i have made no changes at all to any files, im using the origanal files just to try to do the setup. I have not edited anything from the github files.

Dont know where to change :frowning:

Hi @BarbieAction
What is you PI os version ? We’ll try to fix this issue.

It is fixed, you need nodejs7 for it to run, raspberry comes with lower verion of nodejs

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No monero proxy yet but why not :smile:
For info, zecproxy also works with other equihash coins (ZenCash / BitcoinZ / Zclassic).
successfully tested with BitcoinZ tokens on Miningspeed pool.

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Simple install file use this put it in install.sh text file and run it. Last line node proxy.js you can run manually After you setup json.conf

sudo apt-get update
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -y upgrade
curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_7.x | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
git clone GitHub - BScrk/zecproxy: Stratum proxy for Zcash
cd ~/zecproxy-master/
npm install
node proxy.js

This will install you everything with node.js on Raspberry.

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I was thinking - again rejected shares - after 5 days it happens very rare.
var PoolConnector = function(restartCallback){

If the pool close the socket
setTimeout( () => { restartCallback(); },10000);

To make there hard restart function connect instead of restartCallback.

I was reading the code and there is possibility put line in miner
If err=“invalid solution” count < 8 => hard reset of proxy with timeout 10 second.

Or if pool connection close by pool end, start from connect.

Or PM2 stop and PM2 start :slight_smile:

Im trying to get this working in ethOS for nanopool.

Config.js i add my wallet.
But what about the configs on rigs for ethOS how should they look like?
Should i not have wallet id in the config for the rigs in ethOS?

How do i add my email?
Before on nanopool my config was like this: wallet.rigname/email
Where should i put that? in config.js file?

And when using the proxy should the rigs show up as seperate or as 1 rig?

my ethOs config

globalminer ewbf-zcash
maxgputemp 85
stratumproxy enable
flags --cl-global-work 8192 --farm-recheck 200
globalfan 85

Is this not what a pool is already doing?
I got it working but when i talk to the people in ethOS they dont understand the function of this zcash proxy and I fail to see it also, what you are saying is what a pool is doing already?

If people in EthOS doesn’t understand reason for proxy that’s bad.

  • Proxy 1 connection instead of multiple from each rig separately.
  • lower latency - 1 conection between pool and farm
  • 9,5% increased hash rate with nanopool dwarfpool
  • less rejected shares- lower lag
  • Fast get job for farm
  • security
  • you can say I have proxy and you not. it will makes people jealous that you have and they don’t
  • and much more benefits

My opinion ETHOS - you can make your own Linux miner and running better, ETHOS I do not see purpose unless you want to sell it to lamers that have no knowledge of Linux lol :joy:

Monero proxy would be fantastic :slight_smile: great job love don’t get down because someone don’t see purpose of proxy a lot of do and want one. :wink:


Thank you, im activating my zcash proxy now.
First thing i noticed was i got more sols displayed. I will be running it for 1 week and compare the shares.

Now i just have to switch miner from ewbf, need to install dstm into ethOS, and as im new to all command line i dont know how to :frowning:

This program can only runn on Linux, right?

Yes, maybe you can run it on a virtualbox inside Windows.
Im testing it now on a raspberry on nanopool.

You can use zecproxy on Windows as well.

  • You need ton install NodeJS.
  • Then you need to download zecproxy
  • Edit config.json with your datas (wallet / pool)
  • Open a windows terminal
    • Click the “Start” button to open the Start menu.
    • Open the “All Programs” menu, followed by the “Accessories” option.
    • Select the “Command Prompt” option from the “Accessories” menu to open a command-line interface session.
  • Go to the directory with your windows terminal ( cd C:/blabal )
  • run npm install to download / install dependencies
  • Start the proxy with `node proxy.js``
  • Enjoy

When using the zcashproxy, should it show up as 1 miner only or should it display all the rigs?
Currently im running it against nanopool and it shows 2 workers, mining as it should.

Dstm miner is slower than
It will display each rig separately Nanopool if setup on rigs

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If you set “enable_worker_id” to true, the pool will display each workers names. If you set the option to “false” the pool will consider your farm like an uniq miner (should not impact earning, depending on pool setup).

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I have been running it for the last 6 hours, not seeing any increase in shares. This is on nanopool. giving the same as without the zcashproxy. I will run this over 1 week and check then.

if i’m correct this only gain you sol/s when you use more then 1 rig right?