Zcash-swing-wallet will work fine after mining start?

As a topic says, if mining starts, i can stick with this wallet, or i should wait for some other one till 28?

Try it for yourself on Friday. :slight_smile:

The software you’re describing is really a user interface for the existing zcashd, so either it works or it doesn’t, but it won’t negatively affect the underlying wallet (unless you start playing around with encrypting the wallet or something).

Once you’re dealing with ZEC proper, keep a safe copy of your wallet just in case.

But in short, I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work, it works fine with the release candidates, and there is not going to be any real difference in practice between test and main net.

So probably all we need to do is generate new wallet adress on wallets we have now?

And thanks for fast reply :slight_smile:

I will make sure the ZCash GUI Wallet wallet works :wink: but please get the latest version 1 day or so after the 28th. There might need to be some fixes…

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We will need new addresses for main net, and we’ll need to point the underlying zcash software at the main net rather than the test net, and if the software release changes from whatever you currently have installed we will need to clean and rebuild that as well.

So there’s a bit of work involved on the zcash side, actually.

However, the ZCash GUI Wallet will probably work without changes…

Oh… but see @vaklinov reply from just now - get the latest version anyway! :smiley:

So i will wait till 28 for installing it :slight_smile:

1 problem out… now, GPU miner… :smiley:

@ChuckFeast I dont think you will need new addresses for main net. if you have built zcash client on linux it should be fine.