Zcash wallet not opening

Hi all,

trying to setup an account to mine zcash but when i click on zacash wallet nothing happens? the first time it just said it wasnt responding…

here is the link im using to download the wallet.


anyway looked at setting up other wallets but i prefer just to use the GUI wallet.


My problem is when I start ywallet 1.5.4.apk on android virtual machine on Windows, it just shows Loading… and nothing happens. Same when I try to start ywallet for Windows in Windows. Same when I try to start zecwallet lite. Only zingo pc starts normally. But I need ywallet to sweep (transfer) funds from my old private t-address from paper wallet, which is unfortunately not supported in zingo pc after last updates of zcash, to zingo pc new t-adrress. By the way it is very sad that old paper wallets private keys not supported in new software. It means, that investor should be aware of any new upgrades in protocols and software and transfer money from old addresses to new addresses, or he will lose money because of upgrades. I think, this is bad practice and straight way to lose all long-term investors (aka hodlers) to zcash.

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A little more information might be helpful. It’s interesting that zingo will start but Ywallet will not. But yes, you’re correct, you should be able to sweep the transparent funds by importing the private key (after it gets working, that is)

Use the windows version on Windows…

What information I can provide? ywallet writes Loading… and shows Load active account and nothing happens even when I left it in this position for a day. A day before that ywallet loaded successfully.

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Information about how you’re running it would be helpful. You’ve mentioned running versions in a VM. I assume this is native .exe? Is zingo running native? Maybe information about the hardware? Any changes between Ywallet working one day, and not working the next? It seems like a strange issue so it’s difficult to judge what info would and would not be helpful.

Start from the command prompt and see if there are any errors.

What files can I delete from the databases folder so as not to lose my wallet?

Yec.db yec.db-shm yec.db-wal zec.db zeca.db-shm Zec.db-wal

Either delete all of them to wipe your wallet or delete none of them. The db’s use very little space, theres no reason to prune it.
The Yec prefix indicates it is for the Ycash accounts, but like said, unless youre planning on wiping the wallet, don’t delete any of it.

I noticed that there is a conflict when you run the latest version, run the older version and then run the latest version again. When you do this, the latest version keeps loading and no longer opens.

I have a question regarding the option called notes, is it used to hide the value of the transaction received so as not to run the risk of using the value?

Specifically, what versions and platforms?

Notes are the utxo’s. Like the wallet in your pocket might have 1’s, 5’s, 10’s or whatever; those individually are the notes. Whenever you receive a Zcash payment, you receive a note (utxo) equal to however much that person sent you.
The notes option tab allows you to see them and also select to exclude any from payment as a method of coin control. (


I was using version ywallet 1.4.3, I decided to run version 1.5.6 to see what it was like, then I went back to 1.4.3. then I decided to transfer my funds to the newer pool. When I opened version 1.5.6 it stayed on the loading screen and never left, the only solution was to rename the databases folder and restore it with the phrases, so version 1.5.6 started working for me again. I curiously looked at the notes option and got scared when values disappeared, then I went to notes and discovered that I had actually hidden transactions when selecting notes. basically that’s what I did.

I only use Linux at home

Interesting, it sounds like it could just be an error caused by reverting to a older version.

Ywallet on Linux supports an appimage and 2 different flatpack versions; Flathub and the run time which are basically the same but I believe may use different database folders.
The appimage data, EYE BELIEVE, is located in

The flatpak lives in either

or just

I think the difference in that may depend on the flathub version and the runtime version. But I’m not sure I have, like all three :sweat_smile:
The difference could also be a change in the most recent version, have to look back through the release notes.