Zcash Will Replace Bitcoin

These are just a few reasons I think Zcash will blow past Bitcoin after the crash:

  • Public and Private transactions (I use public, but privacy is a human right in my opinion)
  • No mass-stash of Satoshi coins
  • Zk-snarks enable quick validation (many other applications)
  • A pro-scaling dev team
  • ASIC-resistant memory-based proof-of-work. (Ethereum could go to proof of stake)
  • Strong mining community

List other reasons, or your own.


ASIC hostility’s enough to challenge BTC… fungibility is icing on the cake! imo, as the ASIC hostile market matures; large companies nvidea, AMD, etc will support these alt networks (nvidea’s starting this new trend)… as our markets begin bearing fruit for these companies; they’ll start viewing ASIC manufacturers as competition, and act accordingly… i’m going to sit down, and write a long effort post on this when I get a few minutes


Kek what’s your outlook on Zcash? is it getting ready to blow past $410 soon? Something tells me to get more GPUs, but budget is tight! what to do

Honestly, you can’t go wrong buying Zcash outright.

Even though my miners are performing incredibly I would have made way more buying it when zcash was around $40. I’m thinking Coinbase will eventually support Zcash and that will go a long way towards allowing non-technical users to get onboard.

When you compare it to the alternatives I would say Ethereum has a better hold on the smart contracts market, but as a general payment platform, zcash takes the cake.


agree with root… but kinda depends on your skills, and amount of loot! if you have access to a top opencl, or cuda dev that can build you a better miner than the rest of the field, buy GPUs! if not, buy ZEC, and enjoy some ; D gainz… 2) thinking there’s some weak hands left to shake-out, so, my gut tells me $400 could take around a weak-or-so, but could happen overnight with proper news.

EDIT - if you really want to mine: wait for a bust cycle in ZEC markets… a lot of miners give-up during bust cycles, so you can shark into a bargain

what’s a bust cycle? is that when price just flat line?

sorta… flat line after a nasty crash. bust cycle is the period between boom, and accumulation cycles. when you start seeing a lot of the “is ___ dead” posts!

but it wouldn’t be profitable would it? since price would be so low.

that’s how you make money …you don’t want to be mining when everybody else is… mine early, and mine when everybody has forgotten, or written off a network with potential.

imo, (currently) only people that should be buying miners is people with large wallets.

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Gothca, do you see any other coins that has the most potential right now that not a lot of people are paying much attention?

Mine and hold ZEC for the long, long game…my opinion, of course, but for the reasons posted, I am compelled to have a long outlook on ZEC.


no other coins are very interesting to me. ZEC is the winning ticket.

keep in mind, i’m not trying to talk you out of mining! just think on a “tight budget” should buy ZEC when weak, and trade it until you budget is less tight.

Long game always wins with crypto in general.

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@phakov Mine and hold ZEC for the long, long game…my opinion - in ur opinion, how many month / years? And why so?

maybe in 5/10 years you can buy a car with 1 zec :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope so. I am tired of seeing ZEC not going anywhere.

This statement isn’t really true though. Zcash has not gone nowhere. In a matter of months (not years) it’s managed to break $400 and consistently averages around $200. In the span of 9 months those are substantial feats. Anyone who ignores these important things should probably re-evaluate what their goals are with regards to Zcash investment. In that 9 months it’s already worth about 5 times what it was worth the first 4-6 months of it’s life.


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True yes if you look at the whole life of the coin. With the crypto age now quieting down, we see that news about Zcash isn’t really affecting the demand for it. From what I’ve seen recently.

(IMO) Market Makers top goal’s to shake-out weak hands (MM refer to these as “loose chips”) before making a leg-up. Loose chips can completely ruin a leg-up, so MM will get rid of them; no-matter how long it takes. There’s two types of loose chips, and MM has different strategies to shake-them-out. Two examples of loose chips are weak hands, and free money riders. Weak hands are driven-out by plunging the market (Complete). Free Money Riders are driven-out via boredom (Almost there). Free Money Riders are the people that invested in the sub $50 range. FMRs will sell in the middle of a leg-up, and ruin MMs attempt to hold new higher levels… basically, RN MM is better served by capping the market, and bleeding FMRs, so next level holds with long term holders, and new investors.

This gap between USD exchange-rate, and market cap isn’t natural. amazed it’s continued for over a month

When that gap narrows, will be to the upside, imo. Could be very violent

BTC - USD gaps above exchange rate (Dash is basically the same) kek.gg

LTC has a nice looking (normal) gap between exchange-rate, and market cap

ETH, like LTC looks good too kek.gg


ZEC still need to fall under 0.06 BTC

This will probably happen on the upcoming BTC rise. If you’re out, I wouldn’t buy yet.