Zcon4 marketing and event feedback

It’s crazy to me the event is buried on Z.cash, with nothing on the main page, just static info. You have to go to the community tab and scroll to events. If this was being run by a for-profit company they would care about this stuff and do the basics of marketing, there would be a banner with a single click to watch live. Instead, you expect the users to find you. It’s very ass backwards.

The youtube videos on https://www.youtube.com/@zcashfoundation don’t have any zcon tags, so youtube search doesn’t show these videos. The only name is the title saying zcon4 which also isn’t tagged.

Once more a professional company trying to present information to their customer would care about this stuff but for some reason zcash expects the user to spend time looking and finding it themselves.

Isn’t someone responsible for marketing that should be doing these 101 things?

Why is zcon virtual behind a portal where I have to sign up and give my emails. Talk about privacy issues. A required email registration to watch live?

I’m also curious why it’s being held overseas. Where are most your customers and users. Holding zcon so far away is very interesting. Seems like it’s on purpose so only the wealthy can attend.

So an income-based firewall/gatekeeper is presented as well. Seems like alot of gates for a community trying to gain general adaption.

If the goal of zcash and zcon is general adoption this isn’t how to do it.


Here is what youtube says are the tags. IME most general users will search for zcon, I didn’t know what zcon it is. So I can’t put in zcon4 because I don’t track the number you’re on. I’d expect #zcon search to work correctly.

Zcon the biggest event for zcash of the year… 41 views today. :-< I think thats a perfect example of how marketing isn’t getting done well.

The time stamps on the videos description are real-time, NOT video time stamps. Does the media team even social media? How can someone jump to that spot in the video if you don’t put the video time stamps? Instead, you put the real-world times.

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Will the attendance numbers vs max capacity be released? Just from the videos, looks sparce.

Zcon4 - Day 1 Track 1 - Zcon4 - Day 1 Track 1 #zcash - YouTube

I’ve been to many events over the years. From Microsoft, Intel, and many cannabis events and I’ve never had someone spend 15 minutes telling adults the rules like they are children. Even for cannabis events. This is very odd to me.

Is this a room of children? Why isn’t all this information given when they entered or get tickets instead of wasting people’s time? Is this going to be repeated over and over?

This is very odd, and sets the moon very poorly.

This should be a fun, exciting event and so far it’s dryer than dirt. This is like watching a bad church service instead of an engaging event.

The charisma role score for Jack Gavigan is proven in the direct result of maybe 3 people clapping on his exit.
Time Stamp 0-23 minutes
I score this a 5/20

I’d be amazed if any general viewer is still watching at this point.

Jack maybe half smiles one time during this 23 minutes intro. Compared to Zooko this is a massive shock.


Zooko enters
23:00 - 39:00

Instantly Zookos Charisma is 100 times better, Zooko should have openned with his excitement and a massive smile.

While zooko struggles to stay on track this is his normal style. His excitement keeps you engaged and other than the timer issues he’s sharing good information.

I rate this 15/20

Most the Room Claps

A big note: Would be to give him a handler instead of a timer. So he’s not focused on it, he commented and worried about him alot, each time that changes the focus of the viewer from the subject. Let him talk and when his times up have someone tell him instead. This was the most important part of your intro to the event. Id would have let him talk more so he didn’t feel as rushed. The majority of people will see this more than any one other in-depth talk.This is your Rockstar, your MVP, your quarter back. They shouldn’t feel rushed. They should feel comfortable.


The event needs a real entertainer host, instead of Jack just wandering on stage and half-ass introducing people.

Jon Rouach Enters
40:00 - 53:00
Jons Smile is captivating.

The information shared is great about Zsa’s and I learned a lot.

18/20 - Only note is presenter should work on “aww’s, ugh’s” but this is a common struggle for many people. But it is something that could be improved if I was the marketing coach for these teams, I’d have each presenter spend a little time with a speech coach to help the flow of information with general users.


Jason McGee
53:00 - 1:08:00
No smiles - Like getting an update from an accountant. Which is fine, just not sure I’d put this in the general presentation.
This is dry but the presenter speaks well and provides the information smoothly, I’m not sure I’d put this in the intro day… But it’s done well for what it is.

The information on Funding Overview was good. For what is being done. But the breakdown charts are alot for general intro day.

Highlights is good info.
Community information is great.

Rate 16/20 - I’d strip the details and move to it’s own segment not in intro day and focus more on the community impact and whats being done. Hard to present but done well for what it is.


Jack Gavigan
1:08:00 -

First time you see any excitement from jack so far and a smile when talking about zebra but only after the audience woot’ed, the audience finally cheers. Why wasnt the intro like this? Why wasn’t this the excitement and cheers for the opening of Zcon vs the sad depressing intro of rules we got? It’s 2023 and this feels like a 1990’s.

I’ve been to Intel events more exciting and they’re selling CPU’s. You’re selling privacy and freedom. It’s so much easier.

The Geo risks is good information.

This is a hard watch. Even the final line before the break should have been a massive crowd pleaser and it’s just delivered so dry and with so little excitement the crowd doesn’t know what to do.
1:23:47 instead Jack just talks over them trying to clap.

The give-and-take flow of the presenter and audience isn’t working. This needs to be fixed for general audiences. Tech people will deal with it but it will make a general watcher uncomfortable.

Rate this 10/20 - Dry, little excitement, all the excitement comes from the audience. This is the host of the event even… This should be the most excited, charismatic cheerleader you have. You’re trying to make super fans and get people excited about whats going on. This feels more like dragging people along.

I’d hire a professional entertainment host for these events if you don’t have one on staff.


dont know much bout de marketin n exact spots for event.
but event is packed wif ppl. yea cud be still even bit more diverse but most of de talks rooms chairs were pretty full of ppl. 90% of spots filled iwo.
it wud take much bigger place than dis hotel to get more ppl into de event in thousands.


Great to hear

Feedback on discord

Interesting. IME if you cant engage your potential customers with a world wide event, then no app or other efforts will work neither. IMO a event like this should be engaging, entertaining, educational and/or profitable.

You got educational down 100%, But there is 0% engagement and 1% entertainment, 0% profitable. IMO if this was run by a for profit corp all these would be covered and marketing would be bring thousands of viewers in online. But viewers online and new customers doesnt even seem to be a concept. Just an after thought of it would be nice if remote people could watch.

Not how do we engage and bring a AAA experience to the viewers so we gain more super fans. This event should be a beacon to the world IMO, instead its hiding in a corner only focused on the true believers. Where are the influencers to spread the word and engage audiences?

At the current rate of Zooko onboarding 1 person a week, zcash should reach general consumer usage rates in a few million years. Maybe taking a look at other industries and how they grow and do events would get it through peoples heads, if you build it they dont show up. Even if its perfect. Even if everyone at this event brought a friend. Until my parents or kids can sit and watch the intro of zcon and be 1) Know about it, 2) Entertained not bored to death. Ive seen more lively stream of congress. 3) Engage the viewer 4) Educate 5) Provide a path for profit

So far you have 1 of 5 down…


You would think so, but no.

I’ve raised similar 101 level questions about Zcash Media, and no productive response or action has been taken.

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Day 2 - Track 1 #Zcash - 21:48 time stamp

I think this is a perfect example of Zcash right now. A group of 6 experts sitting on a stage not saying anything, because they have no leader or anyone driving the SOP processes.

Amber had to take the point and find the clicker and start the day herself with no input or guidence.
Because NO ONE is leading this train and those who should be think having a committee lead instead works. This is the same issue in Linux and java minecraft and many not-for-profit community-lead projects run in to.

“Waiting for direction” Should be the theme of this event.

No one is willing to step up and take charge they all sit around wasting time until someone gets feedup and does it themselves.

These kinds of issue would not happen in a forprofit lead event as TIME is lost profits and costs. Instead here every one is paid by the community so there is no sense of the cost of time or urgency. You can also see this in Season 1 of the Island with Bear Grylls - A group of 16 people on an island trying to survive with no leadership all community lead…because they all hate the idea of leaders and being told what to do. In this leaderless setup, people starve, no beds are created, no fires are managed. Everyone just wonders about wasting time. As soon as a real leader is appointed people can start to thrive. IMO Zcash is no different than 16 people stranded on an island trying to thrive. Instead, they are starving.

People hungry have urgency. Maybe there is too much money in the dev cycle to keep people hungry and caring about these things.

My major concern is Zooko and Zcash are working to add more people on stage and add more decentralization. We all know how bad games, movies, and media by committees are yet that lesson doesn’t seem to have been learned by the crypto community yet.

It’s one thing to build a product thats accepted and reaches mass then turn it over to a committee. It’s another to try and build a product with one. In 2023 what could 20 people in a committee agree on?

Very little. Meaning very little gets done. Even less gets done well.

I wonder what the cost per minute is to have these 6 experts sitting here silent.

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Authority posturing.


I’m slightly convinced this is one massive MKUltra experiment and its growth is intentionally stifled to prevent it from being a success.

I believe Zcash Media is doing this as both a portfolio booster (“we worked with a ‘crypto’ project”), and because the money was too easy to pass up. They’ve already dropped the ball by not promoting this event more widely, amongst other subpar results with their previous grant.

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Day 2 - Track 1 - Ambassador program
This was great. The brazil presenters were hard to hear but this segment was awesome.


Some of the most important end user feedback Day 2 Track 1 ~5:00.

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This thread is underrated. Keep the feedback coming @Jbenisek! People will/are reading it :heart:.


Yes please keep sending so those of us can follow the action at Zcon4 :pray:t3:


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll smile more in future. :upside_down_face:


Mid August (and after receiving a $1,000,000 grant) and the Zcash Media social accounts are still completely inactive :frowning:

It goes without saying that what Jack did to Zooko on stage was nothing short of humiliation. He interrupted the talk physically to make a trivial interjection about a choice of terms.

It would have been much more colorful, and potentially created a viral content wave if Jack had pulled off and thrown a couple of shoes at Zooko instead:


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