Zebras are unacceptable

a mascot shouldn’t be forced, all listed would be terrible, but zebras are definitely unacceptable. zebras are the worst smelly beasts on the planet. https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/Elections/blob/master/2018-Q2/General-Measures/Foundation_Mascot_ballot.md

mascot for a cryptocurrency should have the ability to fly.

zebra’s stripes only work for the most healthy. if you’re an old or sick zebra; lions will eat you, and other zebras will laugh at you as lions rag-doll your corpse. i get it, zebras’ stripes help them hide, but no animal hides better than the space pterodactyl! space pterodactyls are so good at hiding they cannot even be studied by humans. i like the cleaner wrasse too. funny thing that just popped in my head for no reason: in the natural world a cleaner wrasse will have a better chance of eating a lion, than a lion eating a cleaner wrasse…


The zorilla is another candidate z-animal:

a black and white carnivorous mammal that resembles a skunk, inhabiting arid regions of southern Africa.

The name “zorilla” comes from the word “zorro”, which in Spanish means “fox”.

See also this highly persuasive visual explanation via Twitter:



He attac but also protec GUYS!

Space teradactyl

I would not be dissatisfied at all!


I propose the Red Jubjub bird.

Image credit Peter Newell, 1902, with some edits by me.

(The illustrator for The Hunting of the Snark was Henry Holiday, but this illustration is originally from the Harper and Brothers 1902 edition of Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.)


I was thinking carrier pigeon buts that it! Just put a little tube on his leg to carry a micro film!

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(@acityinohio the bird of prey is super cool but also an obvious joke, this I actually propose be added if maybe enough people also agree)
Edit- the proposal for adding “black hole” and “electricity” choices was also serious but if I had to pick one to be added, it would be “yielding sapling”

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I’m all in Zorillas way better than every other suggestion.

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I hope I’m not the only one here who knows what this is…


This should go with the yielding sapling https://goo.gl/images/ZvnTo7

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