ZEC > ETH again, China trading 3X ZEC Volume over USD volume

Just wondering what your thoughts ar eon this
we just went thought a day when ZEC had its all time low and once again ETH reigned mining champion…

Is ZEC starting to stabilize? Is difficulty for ETH and ZEC starting to average out?

China is trading 3X the volume of ZEC in RMB compared to the total traded in USD… is China keeping ZEC value up? is China the crutch for ZEC?

your thoughts please. thank you

Once again more profitable:

USD VS RMB Trading Volume: (140ZEC in USD VS 406ZEC in RMB vs ZEC 6,972.06 in BTC

USD & RMB Price charts

Poloniex has 70%+ of all ZEC volume.

ahh yes I see
ZEC 6,972.06 Volume traded in BTC, how can you see that polo has the most volume? where can I check that?

Scroll down

cool thanks been a while since i used coinmarketcap
hard to tell who is doing the BTC trading though

ZEC going back down now though, already from 270/280 USD to 233.15 USD again, so lookg like this might not last

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The global hash rate was way down before the price started to rise. Now its back up. Possibly a sign as well that it won’t last.

so the total hashrate is effecting prices, and all the windows miners are the reason why it fell a few days ago

and I get shit on for saying it… wtf

this place is getting too PC for me

Why do you think the Windows-Miner are guilty? Silentarmy still made the same sol/s as the claymore, but without dev-fee.

An Ubuntu-Mining hdd is ready to mine within half a hour.

its not what I think, it is what happened…
that miner did increase the network hashrate by over 30%, which did cause the fall in ZCash prices right away… its a direct correlation…
why can’t i believe in math?
if you don’t like math, maybe you shouldnt be mining… cause mining is all math

why do you think that hashrate has anything to do with the price?

No matter what the hashrate is, the amount of ZEC mined will remain the same and just keep on increasing. The recent price jump was due to a notorious whale buying ZEC with over 100 BTC and then the sheep just followed.


China is trading 3X the volume of ZEC in RMB compared to the total traded in USD…

Two Chinese bitcoin mining pools have added zec

Wouldn’t be supprised if ZEC stabalizes around the price of LTC although stabalizing round BTC price would be nice it’s more likely going to LTC levels

yes I know, f2pool came online several days ago, my wife is part of their QQ Group :slight_smile:
which f2pool groups are you in? maybe I can talk to you there since you can speak english?

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it has to do with who’s selling it, so it has to do with available supply for sale…

Prizmic stated this and I was just agreeing with him.

I did the mac port of zcash and am working on windows, and understand the chinese cryptocurrency market as a whole has a lot of windows users…link to english QQ group or contact? I’d be interested to connect with any chinese pools or exchanges who might be interested in backing my windows port efforts

The rise and fall of ZEC is simply due to speculators and hype. No reason for a brand new unproven and unused cryptocurrency to have any value. Bitcoin took years to get to where it is now and its still not stable…but its useable. There are markets built around it. You can buy things with it. ZEC is interesting concept and that is what people should have approached it as…but everyone wanted to be that guy with 10,000 ZEC only to find it is now worth $1000. I mean titcoin and poopcoin had value at some point because people gave it value by trading it.

I don’t currently mine f2pool, might try it but those fees look high :smile:

well you can mine on zcash.flypool.com with the cn1.zcash.flypool.org server

lol yeah poopcoin, wheres poopcoin today

I occasionally use ethermine but I get better results solo mining.

well you could start at Help Center
Contact Us·QQ Group(s): 528945028
or search on QQ groups for zcash
just search the groups