ZeroCash Easy Mining Tool+Tut (Based on nheqminer for Easy config and run on +100pc)

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its 0 to 100 tutorial from making wallet and start mining with a Standalone.
for example , you have 50 RDP’s , you can run easy on each of them and put them for Mining ( i do it already )

What you will learn in this tut ? in 2 Format ( SWF and EXE ( SCREEN2EXE )
1-Make Wallet on 2 diffrent service.
2-Config Miner.
3-give you some info about how setup 100 CPU/GPU miners in just 1hour.

Download Video (SWF) : Powered by SCREEN2SWF [~9Mb]

Download Video (EXE) : Powered by SCREEN2EXE [~8Mb] - AV Scan Result

Download GUI Files (StandAlone Moiner) : [~3MB]

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AntiVirus Scan Result :

GUI File (14Kb ) :

nheqminer_v0.3a :

Dont worry about result from antivirus’s like “not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win64.BitCoinMiner.bez” or “ApplicUnsaf.Win64/BitCoinMiner.BV” or “Trj/Bitcoinminer.B”

its miner you know it , so antiVirus detect it as RiskTool ( you can check all Miners avalibe in sites , with same result’s => FALSE RESULT)

Any question , idea , request ( for make another noob 0 to 100 with another miner ) just send a Email to zCash [at ] Tutanota [ dot ] de

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