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I’ll comment on metrics soon! Want to look at other data first.


Sounds great I’d be happy to share my ideas and opinions.

I don’t think any planning or bureaucracy is needed with regard to simply following a larger cohort of privacy, zcash, crypto, merchant accounts. There can’t be any compelling reason not to do that immediately.

As to the topic of comment style, voice, frequency …I suppose it’s not unreasonable to spin up a small group to form a shared perception of how @Zcash should interact with the world of Twitter.


For all Zcash news, updates, memes, education, combatting fud, community engagement and other fun stuff follow: @zcash_community

If you want to help run the account, send a DM


Thanks for all the comments relating to this, its good to know a little back story to the handle etc.

I understand running social media is pretty time consuming, is there capacity right now to step this up a gear, or does it need to be handed off to a devoted marketing person within ECC or the zcash foundation?


So WRT data, I’m going to share some stats, challenges, some of my previous strategic focus, and some opinions. The opinions are mine, but did have influence on some strategy here.


So overall, there was a lot of channel growth with Zcash. This is largely because it was untouched until this year. Here are the main growth numbers:

Total net audience growth: +216.4%
Impressions: +1,267.6%
Engagements: +1,240.8%
Clicks: +670.3%

How it compared to competitors:

Compared to competitors, we saw a higher % of growth, but they had a higher numbers across other metrics, likely due to the fact that they have a bigger follower/reach number. When you look at individual posts, the top 20 individual posts were mostly competitors, but, when you look at the overall picture, Zcash content (individually) seems to compare well against theirs.


A big challenge we have had with Zcash is determining what content best lives there. To solve that, we’ve decided to include a context mix that includes:

-Community spotlights
-Twitter Spaces highlighting community projects
-Amplifying community project announcements, posting if necessary
-Evergreen content (i.e. Privacy is Normal)
-Cross-community marketing initiatives: i.e. We should include the Zcash channel as a host on twitter spaces that other programs host.
-Community updates
-Educational content (blogs, live streams, etc)

To make this happen, I’d need some support with community members and I’ve started to reach out to some community members to make this happen.

Strategic Approach

When we did the Privacy is Normal campaign, we specifically used personal accounts because the data shows that those accounts perform better than branded accounts. For example, when Argent (a large ethereum brand with 240k followers) posted “Privacy is Normal”, their post did not perform as well as Josh’s (4k followers) or Zooko’s (80k followers). We have seen consistent data around this to justify the strategy.

Sidebar: The reason Privacy is Normal took off is because Vitalik amplified Josh two months prior and Argent (who know Vitalik, not us) kept the poster in their back pocket. I don’t think Argent gets that poster if ECC tweeted it out, and not Josh.

But, all of this comes with a tradeoff. While Zcash as an ecosystem gets broader reach, it does effect audience retention to branded accounts. That’s why we decided against continuing with this strategy for 2023. We tested this for 2-3 months.


I think the best path forward is amplifying our branded accounts, and having consistent content mixes that they can rely on. Standardizing content is the easiest way to retain engagement, while planning more specific content that can be a part of campaigns can lead to growth.

I think the reason the account follows four people is because some protocol brands do that. For example, Ethereum follows 0. Other brands follow accounts. Solana follows 1500. I’d be open to changing this pending community support for the latter option.

I think follower count isn’t the most valuable metric to keep as your north star. Engagement and impressions for me are the sweet spot. Follower counts can be gamed really easy and have less impact as the account gets bigger. But, it is a good metric that legitimizes the account, so agree growth here is super important up until 50, 75 or 100k followers.


Thanks for going so in depth on this


You could announce Zingo on the @zcash twitter.

Here’s a link you could tweet out:


The ZF A/V Club will host this call! Let’s schedule it ASAP.

*I think the reason the account follows four people is because some protocol brands do that. For example, Ethereum follows 0. Other brands follow accounts. Solana follows 1500. I’d be open to changing this pending community support for the latter option.

Was there a previous community decision that determined following a maximally small amount of Twitter accounts was the preference? I’m stumped about any strawman being made here to support the don’t follow approach. Ethereum (because of what it is in 2023, globally known, sector dominant, sector narrative driving) can afford to zero-follow for many obvious reasons, all of which are exclusive to what Zcash is in 2023 (generally unknown, not dominant of its sector narrative).

ECC started managing the account before I started working there. Up until this point, I’ve not seen anyone mention this being an issue.

And, I’m not supporting either approach. I just said why I think it is that way.

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Let’s do it.


Of course, I know it didn’t mitigate all concerns, but I thought the context would be helpful. Thank you for starting this conversation.

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The middle of this month is best for me. Feb 15, 16, 17.
@decentralistdan will want to be involved. Who else? Should we move the calendar talk to Discord ZFAV #events channel?

fact dat Zcash acc doesnt even follow Zooko is funny
iwo dat account shud follow most important people who work wif Zcash and maybe sum more popular community members?

agree wif sum dat follower amount doesnt mean too much but for people finding Zcash account

  • a bigger follower amount means more trust iwo
    but yes otherwise de engagement metrics more important also and brand accounts can be less ideal in dat

Zooko, Josh, Sean, Daira, Dodger, Naomi Brockwell, ZecHub, Secparam, Steven S, Deirdre, dontpanicburns, Thor, ZcashCommunity… there is a much larger list of regularly engaged Zcash twitter accounts that should be followed.


Is there a potential upside to not following them? Is this just an oversight? Or is there a reason to follow fewer, or no accounts? I don’t understand how twitter works, so it’s not obvious to me what should be done.


Social networks are for SOCIALIZING, and if you don’t follow people, you are not very “sociable”.

From there, an important change of strategy could be made in the Twitter account.

I will be happy to help, support and contribute from my 13 years of experience in social media management.


100% agree, I believe you have concisely made my point!


I’m starting to follow accounts from the Zcash twitter account. If you’re an organization building on Zcash, and the zcash account hasn’t followed you within the next few days, please let me know.



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