Can't Send from Any Wallet - Issues Related to Ledger and Coinbase

You can also try to update to ZecWallet Lite 1.7.12 which should work again post-NU5.

Should probably update as some no longer work, its confusing people.


Nighthawk finally worked after downloading three times and shielding transparent balance.

ZecWallet Lite did not work/is not working (mobile and desktop) despite re-downloading multiple times.

I can’t believe this project is 6 years old and has spent millions of dollars on software and applications over that time, but now in the heat of the moment when stuff needed to work.

The wallet (Zec Wallet) that Zooko spent a +year promoting (I can share links to the youtube videos if you’re interested) flopped and failed and resulted in Zcash community members not getting a chance to claim an NFT.

If we can’t trust him who the heck can we trust? Is NightHawk now the unspoken #1 Zcash wallet application?

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They aren’t numbered to begin with but NH is great. I wouldn’t worry too much though given the widespread and unanticipated nature of the issue. The goal is to disperse NFTs to folks who wanted and paid for them and while it isn’t going down entirely as planned, and of no end-users’ fault, I think that’s what the ECC is going to do one way or another.

Import private key or seed phrase into ywallet. Before that choose account button n change option to zcash first. I works.

Not sure if anyone knows if they’re close to resolving this but coinbase pro has paused deposits and withdrawals of zcash since 6/1.

Update: also cannot send on ledger live to any address. It’s an API error when trying to send. I have to assume they haven’t updated their nodes yet.

That potentially explains the shortage of Zcash coins for sale on Coinbase! Whoever their supply provider was must not have stock piled them enough to sell.

Interesting. Found this on Twitter earlier

I hope ledger and coinbase can resolve this soon. It’s been down for several days now and I have transactions waiting. This seems to be affecting a lot of people. As far as I know, the issue is with their clients being able to broadcast a transaction. I don’t have any reason to believe this is more than a client side issue.

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You don’t think it’s intentional? I noticed Binance announced they would support the upgrade. No such announcement from Coinbase that I could find.

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We’ve been working with the Coinbase engineers for months to support NU5. They neglected to upgrade part of their infrastructure and have a new team working on it that is unfamiliar with the code. We’ve been in multiple pairings and have been helping them test today. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


I don’t think it’s intentional. I was told by Ledger support that it’s a technical issue they are working on and lots of people are affected. They stated they’re working on it, so it’s not a decision to not support it.

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Just curious. Is anyone able to transact zcash on a trezor? If so, I found out I can restore a ledger seed to a trezor. So whoever supports NU5 first so I can transact anything is who I’ll be a customer to.

Update: This is fixed now with an update to the zcash app on ledger devices. Tested it and it worked.

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Why are my posts about Coinbase being merged to this thread about Ledger? It has nothing to do with Ledger.

Does anyone know if Trezor new beta application for their wallet supports shielded addresses?

It looks like this is close to finished. Just wasn’t sure what to expect when I first try out a Model T and create a new wallet address. I just want to migrate my entire savings into the shielded pool and never look back. I’ll still use Ledger for other cryptocurrencies but for zcash I just wanted to have it shielded going forward.

Any update? (Concerning Ledger. I don’t care much about coinbase.)

Ledger zcash transactions are completely operational. It was resolved last week.


Orchard support for Trezor Model T is under development here GitHub - jarys/ztrezor: Orchard shielded transactions for Trezor T.

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Thanks. I’m very excited about this. Looks like it’s in pre-release so a production version should be out soon hopefully.