MINER APP - No Fee for sale - Version 9 Available now

I will point out the obvious for you. What you have done NEO is proved yourself wrong and them correct. If you look closely the Blue dots are the miner (which last 20-40 seconds) and the Orange line is the Average hashrate.

Looks like there is no stealing hash and that it works as advertised.


When you trouble shoot you disconnect then connect then check again then connect then disconnect then check again then connect then disconnect then check again.

I am not sure but I am downloading to try it out

I have the same problem when using AwesomeMiner but not when I use it alone. I emailed him and he replied he cannot post anymore until tomorrow but he would fix it and have it up in an hour or two.

Well I am waiting and will see if it works or not.

I double check. Good thing is i did not take chance on using it on my working rigs. He will have access to at least 30k sols.

@WOW you created an account just to reply to this thread and your very first post was to debunk what i claimed about this miner. Hmmm. Something is not right.

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Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. I posted here to try out the miner. I am not claiming it works or not but you obviously think it is a scam. I am willing to give it a shot since you have shown that the miner restarts (as it does for me) but an hour ago you said it was stealing 20% of your hash.

My test shows it restarts and restarts but is not stealing hash. Having said that I am waiting for a “working” one before I scream “SCAM” or before I scream “It Works”. I saw about 18 shares on that screen you posted so if he is stealing hash he sucks at it.

What I also saw was a screenshot above of you asking for the Free Miner - to me personally it sounds like you are pissed off he didn’t give it to you –

If you think I am him or he is me- well sorry boy you are wrong. I am at home and I am sure the mods can look at my IP address.

Grow up or do some due diligence

We have fixed the issue and have created a github account to allow us to respond and fix any issues with the mining app.
There is a reader.md to explain how it is used and please post issues on Github so we can reply. We were limited in the number of posts we can make per day because of having a new account


anybody confirmed it working?

I downloaded the folder from Github and then sent each item to an online virus scan. Those were fine. I loaded it on 1 machine and it worked fine.

I have loaded it onto multiple rigs and I am watching the logfile, my mining account and the screen of the local miner are running well. On the screen and the log files it appears to be mining for 45 seconds. On my account it shows as it should but it will take a few hours to get a good read on it and see if the numbers add up.

It appears that the restarting issue is resolved.

I will post some results after a few hours of running it.

Anybody else verify findings from ‘wow’. I’ll be happy to when I’m at my desk. Does the Dev offer anything special about this miner?

It is not a miner, it is simply an executable that decreases the fee from 2.5% to 1.25%.

We do have Zero Fee for Dual Eth and Zcash but sell those to farms.

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I would be careful.

I don’t wan’t to blame a wrong person, but i could bet an equivalent name to “ME_JM1” post some days ago a Thread. He alleged to developed a miner, which have the fee cut to 1.25%. He also said, that he use the silentarmy-Code, like Claymore and other. He will spend some ZEC to marc (mrb - silentarmy-developer).

Someone tried his miner and postet “only 10 viruses and trojans found”.

I could not found the thread … maybe deleted.

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Actually those Virus were Claymores Miner and not our application. We have separated our apps from his miner. Feel free to scan them as they are on Github.

We understand if people do not want to use them. But just because someone does something different doesn’t ALWAYS mean it’s a scam. We are indeed forwarding a percentage to mrb for his work and will do so weekly. The wallet address is posted above if you want to verify at the end of the week.

Here are the scans of Claymores Miner and the scans of our 2 files. Notice that 1 of ours has a single hit that is not malicious while Claymores has a ton.

This is pure greed and will not benefit anyone except this scammer. Claymore for sure will lock or even will go private because of this idiot.

@moderator, @shawn, @paige @anon47418038 I dont think this kind of thievery has a place in zcash? This will bring nothing but harm to the community.

I’m not going to attempt to even figure out what’s up in this thread, as I’ve volunteered for late-night spam fighting moderation. I’m not going to attempt to split hairs on what’s legit, what’s possibly illegal, what’s simply borderline unethical but unfortunately par for the course with closed source mining software, etc. @Shawn and @paige will I’m sure chime in one way or another when they are up later this morning.

I feel you but being passive will make it propagate. I am interested on what would be the stand as this is as bright as day robbery.

I haven’t read the whole thread, and I’m not likely to: I volunteered for spam fighting duty to play whack-a-mole with the flood of non-English spam posts we’ve been getting, as there were no mods awake and online after midnight in US timezones, not to wade into everything else. I only read the above because you tagged me.