Native Mac Miner Release v4 (new GPU BETA)

Can this build solo mine? I put in a zcash address but I need to enter in a server:port.

v4 released.

unlocking threads. you can now start on all cores incl. hyper threading. (4 core + ht = 8 instances)

Please be shure to watch the temps of your mac with e.g smcfancontrol.

Getting about 6.3 sols/s on my macbook air mid-2011 (core i5 something).

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Awesome guide posted by iMineBlocks on Youtube

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Any hope for a version that includes Mac AMD GPU mining (-od 0)?

In contact with @Genoil. We should have a working gpu mac miner next week. It's a hobby project for me so i do it in my spare time.


What about nVidia and CUDA for GPU Mining by macOS?

I understand! All of the rest of us hobbyists with fewer skills appreciate your work!

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version for old os x 10.9?

c'mon. 10.9 is very old. 10.10 starting...

but it's quite good for some development...

Well, thx to the community.
We can now celebrate!
Over 100 Macs!
THX all!

A few stats:


Listed now on Macupdate


Am i correct that nicehash pays only in BTC?

Nope. You can also mine ZEC direct on nicehash.

  1. mining on equhash algoritm while being paid in Bitcoins (, you NEED Bitcoin address for this

  2. mining Zcash directly and being paid in Zcash (, you NEED Zcash address for this

Thank you. Already found that it was dumb question. And finally managed to set up gui for wallet:)

There are no dumb q’s here :slight_smile: we are here to help each other. So no problem. Next version will detect if its btc or zec adress and instruct further.

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After a while on flypool some of the miners are unavailable. But in miner everything seems to be ok. It happens both with console miner and gui.

See my OS X port of Zcash for an OS X full node, v1.0.2 is at:

I used this guide to set up wallet. Wallet seems to be working. Mac where i did all this set ups went offline after a while. On mac where i just used runed nheqminer from terminal everything works.
I use