Radical “to the moon” thread


Fake volume and wash trading isn’t newsworthy at all …


i’m looking for answers, and very open to peoples’ opinions. problem is you keep saying the same thing, but have offered no convincing arguments to prove all reporting sites wrong. even if you cut our volume in 1/2 we still have traded our entire market cap this week.


Maybe it’s because in reality the volume is much much lower than coinmarketcap.com tells you for the 24h total volume. Check https://vcdepth.io/coins/zcash-zec for example. CMC reports Lbank total volume at around $77M, but according to that site there are only <$200k limit(!) orders in Lbank. To me it sounds quite crazy that 76,8M would be market executions…

If I would have to guess, I’d say that 80-90% of CMC volume for ZEC is fake. A normal day at Binance has about $1-1,5M of volume and on a day when ZEC is on the move Binance usually has at least 3M of volume, at least as of my observations lately. I consider this volume to be legit and i think it indicates that we move with much lesser volume. Just think about if Bitcoin had a day with $40B volume. Even with a $100M volume ZEC should be going to the outer space and back.

Oh and hello to the community! I’ve been lurking this forum for quite some while and now decided to make an account. I used to mine ZEC before asics & I’ll probably be posting mainly to these price speculation threads :smile:


Actually you avoid all valid answers at all cost, all articles and all researches by 3rd parties, pretty sure you didn’t read even one of them so far.
It’s actually that obvious that it doesn’t need argumentation. The argumentation in this case should be reverse, means Lbank and all these fake volume exchanges should explain how they get these unreal volumes and/or the believers in these digits/numbers…


https://messari.io/onchainfx/ reports the same thing as CMC.
understand there’s some funkyness coming from lbank, especially on the ZEC/ETH pair, and normal wash trading. i don’t know, i have no good answers either. guess it’s just easier to claim “fake volume”, and move-on. welcome to the forum, BTW!


problem is i respect your opinion less than others because you’re not a serious trader, and you post other randos stuff like it’s gospel. plus your posts are way too long. nobody has time to read 19 paragraphs of uneducated opinion.


:rofl: says the one that thinks ZEC is on #13 by marketcap 1 week ago? So much about uneducated opinion … :joy:


we might actually get some clarity if crypto media started investigating our MC/vol


There are institutions investigating it for longer allready:

December report about BTC pairs, if the foundation or zcash would ask to investigate ZEC as well i’am pretty sure they could make an report on ZEC as well…

Edit: Submitted a request about suspect ZEC exchanges to them, maybe in one of the following next months reports they give ZEC some attention and locate the fake/wash trading volume…


what we need to figure out:
what % of our volume is legit?
what is the purpose of the inflated volume?
who’s inflating our volume (exchanges/traders)?

if there’s actual “fake volume” who’s reporting the volume that doesn’t exist? wash trading is real volume, and serves a purpose.


Well, I would personally only count the volume from Binance, Bitfinex, Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken and maybe Bittrex & Poloniex, just because it’s the rational thing to do and all those fishy exchanges in top10 are not even in Tradinview. Counting it from CMC and I get a total of $4,3M (4,1M + about 200k from pairs below 100k volume, cba to count it all). That is quite a bit less than the reported $165M


Could explain what’s happening with $ZEC. I’ve always thought it was curious about the strange FUD that circulates $ZEC like Rothschild Economist Magazine covers and Mossad links…

With inflation so high, it’s a perfect time to accumulate as much as you can especially if you’re some Wall Street hedge fund with tremendous capital.


FUD and Hype allways plays a short term role in my opinion. However, the last months i can’t see either applying to ZEC, maybe i miss someting of course, just my personal opinion here.

The perfect time to accumulate is when you think a given price has hit the bottom or is near the bottom. If you believe right now we are at the bottom so yes, it might apply. I personally think neither ZEC nor BTC has reached the bottom yet, but than again, just my personal opinion…


the story of ZEC.

image for some reason i find this funny. i do have a dark sense of humor.


i do despise twitter on a visceral level, but the $ZEC cash tag has some gems.

we all know this too… that’s why it’s painful. not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

edit - if you follow along that twitter thread somebody posted something about the other korea that got me thinking… could it be possible a nation/state is suppressing ZEC rates??



what happens when our volume hits $500M, but market cap stays at $310M??


Lets hope the price is exploding at some point, but till then, buy more!


somebody is eating up the zcash. volume looks so mechanical


Unfortunately, there’s plenty more where that came from. How long till we halve :slight_smile:


Thats the issue, was at an event recently and zcash was discussed, all like the tech but exteremely high inflation is a concern and has kept people away.