Radical “to the moon” thread




The TV show…? https://cryptostheshow.com

Is this Bullish or Bearish?


image lol now we know. +1.4%


good news is ZEC’s starting to gain on BTC. usually indicates BTC’s around it’s daily low. looks like we’re going to defend +$50 range again.


There is a good chance it will go in the 0.013 territory. This is what I see (ZEC/BTC - 4h):

flipping the chart, to the moon!


Its Sunday
Chart looks like dying mans blood pressure.
Must be time to buy a bit more :wink:
…same time next week?


imo, as-long-as we continue defending the $50 range think $70-75 isn’t out of the question by end of week (especially if there’s news).
also, think we’ll see roughly .017 before .013


due to the fact the price speculation thread has gotten so off topic - please feel free to post your speculations in the wen mewn thread (bears are welcome)


…I see your 0.017, raise you 0.018 :wink:


0.0142-0.0144 the next 7 days …

currently by cmc: 0.01462059


OK…this was kinda funny (at least to me).

I sold my rigs ages ago except for one which nobody wanted 'cos it was old (1060), so there it sat in the corner of my workshop, still running as it has a shitload of storage and was useful as a fileserver.

I didn’t realise it was mining, a nice surprise to discover it’d collected almost 1 ZEC - I feel the urge to buy pizza.


This is what I`m interested in currently. We are now trying to sneak out of that huge downtrend line, also that weird spike gives a schmexy EW-count with fat targets long term. There is ofcourse room for another leg down as well :japanese_ogre:


Yeah a long wait ahead, I was expecting zec to perform better, despite the high inflation there are only a few million coins in circulation (one of the lowest) and of that a portion is locked with founders for 4 years, so i’am quite puzzled with the high volumes and price drops.


The Founders Reward coins are not locked for 4 years. Rather, the 2.1 million coins that make up the Founders Reward are being issued over 4 years. The Founders Reward coins that have already been issued are just like all the other coins: After 100 blocks, the coins can be spent.


Untitled Are you sure? i saw Zooko confirm on a couple of threads that founders rewards are locked for 4 years.


Maybe zooko was mentioning locked up for 4 years with small daily issuance?


what does that mean? maybe someone from zcash company can confirm this for the records.


Founders reward is 10% of total supply. Founders will have their share entirely only after 4 years.
They could’ve received all the coins at start…

Yes please


Cmon people…