cool, at least yours did not get held up by USPS.

I dont know why Jaekin’s package is held up by USPS.

This has happened i think 3 other times with USPS…

Im going to have to remove USPS and just offer airmail and EMS or find another good cheap solution

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This has happened a few times with USPS now… so im getting fed up with USPS…
usually its fast 2 weeks or so… 2-3 weeks sometimes, sometimes 10 days…

but yeah this is unacceptable for it to still be in pre-shipment status for so long… it must be stuck in some USPS office… its really not my fault…

I just forgot to enter in a couple tracking numbers… i do a lot of different things, its just a part time thing i did cause people used to ask me for them…

really i dont use this forum anymore… the last email I got from you was march 25th…
now i see this… i had no idea you were having a problem

I understand that the USPS is out of your control. I’ve already changed the title of the thread. There is something that could have prevented this whole thread and that would have been communication on your part. I emailed the store and never got a response until today. Why did it take more than 3 weeks to get a response?

Thanks J

really I dont know why this happens, but your package will be monitored until it gets delivered. If it is lost I will resend and make it up to you with some freebies. thats really the best I can do at this point…

my shipping company requires it to take about 45-60 days until they consider it lost… i wish it was not so long
again im just going to have to stop using USPS as this has happened a few times.

i never noticed such problems with USPS in the past (with other stores I have)… im not sure if its cause its electronics or what… but its not good… im sorry its taking so long

I dont use this forum, and I had my father visiting me for 2 weeks during that time, so I must have forgot to reply to you after reading your initial email… or was waiting to get the tracking back.

sorry about that.

you only sent 2 emails, and I updated your tracking in the store order shortly after your second email.

sometimes im just slow getting the trackings back from my wife, who has to get them from the shipping agency etc…

ill keep watching your package and ensure that you get it, one way or the other.

email me again in 1 week if you dont have it and ill check on it again… ill ask tomorrow afternoon whats up with it and try to get some answer - but I already know the answer cause this happened with 2 packages around christmas time - at that time they blamed heavy snow in the USA… so i am curious what hte excuse will be this time. but the answer will be, wait…

Ok, I’ll let you know in a week if I don’t have it…

yeah just keep monitoring it, email me… my dad comes here, i have to spend all day with him for 2 weeks, sometimes I forget to follow up on things when that happens… i dont see him that often…

more than likely it will just surprise update one day as in the USA and ready for delivery
i know its really irritating, both for you and for me… it should not take this long

but heh… thats china and USPS I guess… i can not understand why it takes so long
and im curious as to WHY it can take so long now (after being told snow in december with 2 packages having the same problem)

can you send USPS an email?
ask them where it is? why hasnt it updated? are they walking it over to the USA?’

I would send one, but I need to get my shipping companies info…
so if you just select senders info unknown… and fill out your own info… let’s see what kinda response they get
I think thats a good way to try to find out more from USPS…

well I tried to fill it out (leaving most of it blank) but now it says the USPS email service is unavailable… you have any better luck?

I was able to fill out the form. We’ll see if I can get a response from USPS.

cool thanks :slight_smile:, im curious, please shoot me an email at once you get a response.
as again, i dont really monitor the email I use for this forum, and since im kinda busy these days, i dont spend a lot of time on these forums… as well… other than maybe development updates… theres not much to talk about on here anyways.

and if you dont get it 30 days after the initial update on, ill at least refund you 1/2 the shipping cost.

if it goes the full 45-60 days (when my shipping company considers it lost and refunds me the shipping) i can give you a full refund or re-ship it EMS or whatever you want to do. I dont steal or rip people off, and I do make sure all packages are delivered. and I havent had a package actually lost for a very very long time, maybe a year…; and thats with multiple stores… so i think it will show up… would just like to know why USPS is taking so long these days… it used to be fast, almost as fast as EMS.

Sounds good. I’ll keep you updated

Is this you? Cause this is the receipt I received from using your website and sending you crypto.

Status: Complete
Total Amount To Send: 17.64116000 ETC
Received So Far: 17.64116000 ETC with 5/5 confirms.
Send To Address: 0xfac27e4586baba9cf3e42787d301c121413c518c
Time Completed: March 31, 2017 06:43:39am

Hi R

yes, thanks, i had no idea who you were, yes I got that, and your item shipped… and no i cant change your password, you need to do that yourself. there should be a password reset when you try to login?

when i reply to your email I get “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender”

so im guessing when you try to reset the password, the pass reset never gets to your email… and that you never got the “shipped” update from the store as it must have returned also?

I will send you a PM with the details. I might be able to change your email so that you can reset your password… but I need to get into the SQL database to see if I can do that. you would have to give me another email to try that out.

I think i removed it.

Can u take a double look n see?


Thanks R,
do you want me to try to change your email in the database so you can try to reset your password?
please PM me an alternate email and I will try to change it for you.

once it is in your country you should be able to track it on your local post website.

I just sent a reset request, for my email.

I have done this before on cryptomined but it doesn’t seem to reset my password.

When i placed the order, it should have created me an account.

So, i have no way to check the tracking number because i cant get into cryptomined which doesn’t seem to remember me from when i placed the order.

Which is weird cause it had too, for me to finish the check-out wizard.

I think your emails are getting returned to me. It did create you an account, but your emails are bouncing back to me.

so when you try to reset your account, the email probably never reaches you and just bounces back to me “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender”

Please PM me an alternate email and I will try to change your email so that you can reset your password

I just got another message failed email now:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

so I need another email to try to change your password so you can get in to your account

all passwords are encrypted so I cant change it myself, not even in the database
but I can probably change your email, and then you should be able to reset it

I dont know how to pm u!

U mean through this website? or what service?

I checked more recent USPS trackings from the store… Ive shipped USPS packages after yours and they have already been received by the customers… so im not sure why yours is slow… usually its fast, really almost as fast as EMS. but again we can see what USPS says and keep an eye on it… im sure it will pop up soon.

that being said, i know of one other package that is also being slow like yours. so your in a boat with one other guy