yes through this website (or just shoot me another email at my normal email with your alternate email)

please click on my name above this message, you will then see an option to send me a message

or better, I already sent you a message, click on your icon top right and you will see I already PMd you

OR… your emails get to me, so just email me a new email using the email you have already been using

I dont know why your emails get to me but when I send to you they bounce back… that never happens

I PMed your tracking on here, so if you check your messages on this forum, you will see your tracking and how to track it

ok im getting your password resets sent back to me from the store

PM me, and I will send you the temp password

PMing you your temp pass

I have emailed back the email, that has sent me the tracking info n website.

I do not know how to pm u through this site… it’s arrangement is kinda dumb.

So, when i click on your name, I do what to pm u?

first try the temp pass i posted above

if that doesnt work, try to:
click on my name
upper right corner it says message
click on message
type in a title and message and then click on “message” under the content you typed

they should fix that so it says “send” instead of message… cause it already says message at the top right corner and its confusing

Finally got a response from USPS… They say incoming packages from China to the U.S. can take 30 days to go through customs… I would suggest that anyone that wants their products in a timely fashion to not use USPS…

damn, its customs… i was thinking they are getting held up at one of the customs (china or the USA)
that sucks… ill put a warning that maybe 5% of packages seem to get delayed through USA customs.

Most shipments fly right through, but i noticed the last 2 got delayed were shipped at the same time…
and your package was shipped at the same time as one other USPS package, and both seem to be delayed now…

Otherwise as I mentioned above… people who bought after you and used USPS have already received theirs…

thanks for letting me know. i hope you get it soon

Received my shipment! Everything is there. Thanks for staying with it @cryptomined!

Would definitely suggest not using USPS.

cool, glad you got it ok, did you try them out yet? :slight_smile:

Are you back from the holidays?

Well I placed an order with him on Saturday. My first payment was rejected due to a time out and I emailed him asking how to proceed. I figur d that issue out on my own, got my automated refund and resubmitted my order a few minutes later. I have since emailed asking when I would receive a tracking number and as of yet have not received a response to EITHER my original email or my tracking number request. I know it has only been a few days but I start to worry when I don’t receive a response to a request within 24 hours. Pretty unprofessional in my opinion. A little bit of communication goes a long way.

And if he was having issues with USPS three months ago and considering dropping them as a shipping method, why it it still an option in the site? If I had seen this post before ordering I ever would have used USPS.

Bill, your order already shipped… and I should have replied to you since 2 days ago… im busy packing and putting together rig frame sets… i am sometimes slow to get to my emails. honestly we are very busy these days… a little patience goes a long way… if you think GPU prices are high and everything is going crazy building miners - you should have an idea how busy we are.

When i wake up I usually have 100-200 emails to answer… sometimes I might be waiting for an answer to one of them or to check something and then forget to get back…

I’m not checking these forums every day, so honestly here or PM here is not a good way to contact me… just send one email per day… please im flooded and overwhelmed with emails the way it is

USPS is an option in the store because it is available. I put a warning on the front page about it potential problems with USPS… If you just read the front page notices (of which there are a couple) you would have known about potential problems with USPS. Anyways it probably shipped out DHL anyways, which is twice as fast as DHL.

So dont worry, you will get it… and you will get it faster than you otherwise would have if its sent DHL (Id have to check and confirm, but more than likely it is)… answering emails about when will it ship, when will I get tracking only slows me down from packing, shipping and getting the tracking for the packages.

If some people just had more patience, things would actually move faster… sometimes the best thing to do is wait… otherwise my neededing to answer people all the time on when it will ship, tracking, etc, it slows me down from actually packing and shipping stuff.

tracking will follow in a few days,… dont worry… just please be patient

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hi @cryptomined any update on my order (06/15/2017 # 945). it’s been 5 days already and it is still on processing. thanks.

Thanks for using the store.

Your order Shipped yesterday, did you not receive an automated email from the store on the shipped status?
Tracking will follow in a couple of days when i get it back from my shipping company.

hey man its been kind of a hassle trying to contact you, but I hope this works. Ive been waiting a couple weeks or so like everyone else. Unfortunently I cannot waiting any longer and will need to cancel my order please. I wouldn’t do this normally but Ive stretched my limits of waiting. Please PM me or reply to my emails I have sent through the company to make this possible. Thank you for your time.

my order number is #666

please just send me a PM here then. … why have to post in this thread?
send me a PM here

yoiur order has already shipped, wife just forgot to update your order to shipped.

Unfortunately the Forum limits new user’s abilities to send pm’s etc,
Would this be the best method of reaching you?

Hey, I’m interested in buying a case of those MSI cards that you have posted about. Would you share order or supplier information? I’d appreciate it. I sent you a email as well. Thanks.