Samara for ZCG (June 2024)

Hey Zcash Community! I’m Samara, and I’m excited to announce that I’m running for a position in the ZCG.

Being a Brazilian candidate, I think it’s super important to have diverse leadership and bring in voices from different cultural backgrounds. Including people beyond the English-speaking community will make our discussions richer and help us come up with more innovative solutions. By creating an inclusive environment, we can ensure Zcash’s growth reflects its global user base, paving the way for broader adoption and a stronger, more resilient network.

I’ve been involved with Zcash for a while now, participating in many events, and I believe that focusing on community engagement ensures our decisions include the diverse voices within our ecosystem. By listening to and incorporating feedback from everyone, we can build a stronger network that benefits all of us.

Stakeholders are key to shaping Zcash’s future. Their investments, both financial and intellectual, drive the innovations that keep our blockchain at the forefront of technology. We need to keep open communication with our stakeholders, understand their needs, and align our goals with their expectations. This way, we can ensure ongoing support and create a collaborative environment where ideas can thrive and lead to groundbreaking advancements.

Making smart decisions is crucial for Zcash’s sustainable growth. As a candidate, I’m committed to thorough research and analysis before supporting any proposals. This means thinking about the long-term implications and potential risks of each decision. By prioritizing data-driven and evidence-based approaches, we can navigate the complexities of the blockchain world and make informed choices that will push Zcash forward.

ROI is a big deal when approving proposals. It’s not just about financial gains but also the value added to our ecosystem. Proposals with high ROI should be checked for their potential to boost our network’s security, usability, and overall appeal. As a candidate, I’ll make sure every approved proposal shows a clear path to delivering real benefits to the Zcash community, reinforcing our position as a leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

In short, the future of Zcash depends on engaging our community, prioritizing our stakeholders, making smart decisions, and approving high-ROI proposals.

I’m Samara, and I’m dedicated to these principles. I’m eager to bring my skills and experience to our governance process. Together, we can make great progress and ensure Zcash stays a pioneering force in the blockchain space.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


so great see samara on this place i totally igree, good lucky!!!


Super cool!!
Go Samara :muscle:

Samara participated in two livestreamed events at Zcon4 in Barcelona
Zeal Talk with @Michae2xl and @vito
Zcash Global Ambassador Lightning Talks with @Michae2xl

@Samaraanni post a link to this in the main ZCG election topic, too: ZCG Committee Election (June 2024)