Slush Pool [official]: Advanced Monitoring & Worker Management

#22 unfortunately does not recognize our blocks now because of the order of outputs in our coinbase transaction (founders reward first, miners reward second). You can check our mining address directly to see our blocks/rewards:

The number of blocks found corresponds to our network share, we are finding many more blocks than before. Please check the linked address or block history on our website:

All new coins need to be spent to shielded z-address first, it is a protocol requirement.

Hope it clears your doubts. Feel free to ask any further questions. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Seeing the mining address definitely clears all my doubts. I appreciate the transparency, keep up the good work!


Nice! Thank you for mining with us. :clap:



Pool luck has been horrible the last few days…


Well, it is called luck for a reason. :slight_smile: It is not that long since we had about 105% luck for the last 250 blocks.


I would appreciate a dark mode of your webpage :slight_smile:


The new website is coming soon, however dark mode is not our priority right now. It is not that simple to create a nice and consistent dark theme.


don’t worry at all! is just a wish, I prefer of course a working environment than a good looking one :slight_smile:


I believe that our new website will be very good looking too. Just not completely dark. :grinning:


Now we have servers in Asia too!


good news!

other thing. This view is stuck since like you can see 28th August:


Thank you for the report, we are looking into it and it will be hopefully fixed today.


Hi Slushpool.

I have a quick question. I’ve been mining on Slushpool with my ASIC miners for a couple days now. It seems to me payouts in ZCash don’t fit the published formulas. I’m confused, and I think I’m missing something.

For example: For block 2890, I contributed 115.4kH/sec according to my scoring has rate. The pool total rate was 63.66mH/sec for that block duration. The block reward was 12.500 ZEC.

So using your formula calculation, I came up with a payout of:

(115.4 / 64660) * (12.500 * .98) = .0218

But I was paid: .01813

That remains constant across all ZEC blocks.

I also mine BTC with Slushpool, but the BTC payouts match the payout calculations quite accurately.

What am I missing here?

Thank you!


It’s 10 ZEC.
2.5 are founder rewards aka 20%


That makes it all work out. Thank you John!


Phew. We did not expect so much support to be honest. But thanks. :grin:


Thats the one thing Windows has that UB doesn’t, the black and neon high contrast setting


It has not been decided yet actually. We will keep you updated.

Thank you for your feedback.




Slush is currently showing Network Difficulty as 7,019,199,231,177 instead of ~20,000,000… Something definitely isn’t right @SlushPool.