Slush Pool [official]: Advanced Monitoring & Worker Management


We are working on it as we speak, it should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Reagarding the Slushpool App, I would like the option to let me know only about found Zcash blocks, since I am not mining Bitcoin. thx


Yep, this option will be included in the next version. Soon! :grinning:


Guys, we changed our mind… Another month of mining for free!


Smells like a 2% fee.


I have to admit I really like Slushpool and I find it’s the best option for my A9’s. With Slush I get 98-99% accepted shares vs. 94-95% with Flypool. I hope they eventually decide on a 1% fee.


Then you haven’t update your firmware. I get 0% rejected on flypool.

I would move to slushpool if they decided on a 1% fee AND make a minimal part of API.


That’s true, I’ll try the latest firmware.


which firmware? of the A9?


@Uche32 Yes, the A9.


@vgm ah ok :slight_smile:

slush found 11 blocks in the last 6h meanwhile flypool got “only” 7 :muscle::laughing:


Slushpool team

my reward graph is stuck at the 6th Oct.

thank you!


is it only me or did it stop again? :slight_smile:


Mobile App Update! :iphone: :rotating_light:


Any plans to support miner payouts to z-addresses? Super important to me!


Yes, supporting payouts to shielded addresses is super important to us too! We are currently working on this feature.


Introducing Slush Pool 3.0. Request access to the public beta now!


@SlushPool Is there anything the Zcash Community or Foundation could do to make it easier for Pools like yours to support payments to private addresses? Is there any particular hurdle to setting it up that we could submit to be implemented in the core protocol?

Payment to private addresses would be great for Zcash and any feedback would be welcome.


Thank you @Shawn, there are no issues with the protocol itself. We just need to properly integrate and test this feature. It will be released soon. As you can see with the private beta release, we have been quite busy lately :slight_smile:


The last 14 days reward window is stucking also on the beta page.