Windows 10 zcash4win settings

1st post here. :slight_smile:
ewbf is running, with Zcash4Win, at 100% and I set up an address at ethermine?.. I think that is wrong from some of the vid’s I’ve seen. Do I just make the ‘t’ and ‘z’ address from Zcash4win and add that to ewbf?



Also I’m not sure what a ‘t’ address is,… should this be added to the flypool.bat for ewbf?.. and the z?. address?.. I apologize, but I’ve searched through months of the forum for answers. Newb factor…

This information is all over the Internet, not just these forums. The instructions and information from other cryptocoins can also be applied here as well.

That being said, you would acquire your t address from zcash4win and you would place that address in your EWBF bat file you’re using to mine on Flypool. If this doesn’t make sense to you, I’m afraid you might have to start from the beginning and do some more research. All pools give explicit instructions on how to set up your miners and in most cases, instruction for specific miners as well.

The instructions and information you’re looking for are literally at both ends here. Miners give instructions to set up their software and pools give instructions to set up your miner to function on said pool. :slight_smile:

Side note: No pool allows z addresses at this time (that I’m aware of) due to the heavy resources required. This will hopefully change with the release of Sapling in 2018.

In my 1st post, I said I had it working.

You also said you set up an account at ethermine and you “thought that was wrong”. In your second post you proceeded to exclaim you don’t know what a t or z address is.

My response was directly correlated to your posts.

Yeah,… sorry,. I made a mistake on posting that. I first had it running (ewbf) on another pool fine. (found out ether was wrong…) Then installed Zcash4Win… aaand… from all the posts I’ve looked at,.(I did tons of research which is why i am here) it says to create a new ‘transparent’ address from Zcash4win. [which is what I was curious about]… this must be the ‘t’ address.
I’m currently connected to …and running flypool.bat on ewbf with Zcash4win with my new ‘t’ address.


Searched everywhere… So how is the ‘Send Cash’ tab work?..thx

It’s pretty self explanatory. The fields are as follows. Fill them out according to the information that’s being asked for.

  • Send cash from
  • Destination address
  • Memo (optional)
  • Amount to send
  • Transaction fee
  • Send button

So the ‘z’ address goes into the Destination Address?

You would put in whatever the address you want to send to is. In the case of Zcash, it can be either a shielded (z) or non-shielded (t) address.

Thanks… but still do not understand. I have a ‘z’ address, and a ‘t’ address… and it is running fine… but… on Zcash4Win… there is a ‘Destination address’ field… How do I send any money from this?.. or does it go to an exchange?.. and then how do I send this to an account?.. thx

I just told you how. The “Destination address” is where you put the address of whomever or wherever you want to send ZEC to.

omg… yes that is quite obvious that it is the place of destination, but you say, “the address” like I should know what it is. Paypal number,? an exchange number?, mailing address, Wells Fargo bank account # ??

I searched… and it looks like it is just my zcash mining address… I’ll dig around how to send that to my family’s account. thx

Because it is obvious. You are using a zcash wallet. One would assume you would be using zcash addresses. If you’re unsure of how cryptocurrency works, I would strongly recommend you do more research before sending money to anyone.

Wait. Is this the help forum for zcash4win?.. Does it not say, SUPPORT at the top? No?
Perhaps in your snarky shit attitude, you could point me to a better help forum on the web?

Moderator should ban people like you who don’t help out on a help forum. Its no wonder how wars get started. It’s people like you.

Your own snarky attitude aside, no this is not “the help forum for zcash4win”. It’s a forum for the zcash community. That being said, I’ve helped out plenty around here and in this very thread. Not that I need to justify myself to you by any means.

You’re not looking for help, you’re looking for someone to literally take you by the hand and instruct you from start to finish with no desire to research what you’re even doing. I realized this after you responded to my first post which by the way was “helping you”. :roll_eyes:

I then helped you again and again. The issue isn’t the fact you’re not receiving help, it’s that you don’t understand what you’re doing. That has nothing to do with me. If you want to better understand cryptocurrency, do the research. We’ve all had to start somewhere. I spent literally hours reading and searching for every little bit of knowledge I have (and I’m still learning every single day). Instead of learning how the software you’re using works, you want someone to just tell you what to do. What happens when you make a mistake and $100 in ZEC goes out the window? Who’s fault is that going to be? Take the time and actually read about what you’re doing. You didn’t even bother to read the very front page of the software you’re using:

Directly from “For support please see this forum thread.”

So you’ll forgive me if I don’t trip all over myself to give you a personal one on one free lesson.

This literally took me 2 seconds to find on Google:

I also recommend you take the time to learn how Zcash works at the back end as well: Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub

Perhaps someone else will come along to help you at this point. As for me, I won’t be bothering with you anymore. Good luck.

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I told you I was new at this, and I have a day job, so I’m only figuring out what I can, at night, when I get home. I built a new computer from scratch, and I’ve done months of research to get it all working. It works, and its mining… You should be proud of someone like me.
I was only looking for the last bit of help on it.

And you are right,… I do not know what I am doing, which is why I am asking. Same as the others.
Thanks for the links,… that was all I was asking for in the beginning.
If you do not reply in the future. No worries.