Your NOT so daily 1080TI profit report


ROI is not accurate… as difficulty going up so fast…
last year, ROI is less than half year.
within a year, ROI near 2 years already…

consider while gtx20 series out, difficulty will go up much more …


True. It is impossible to predict ROI even a few days out as this thread shows. This thread just shows that it is much less profitable to mine than a few months back. However, I can make some guesses at ROI over the next 6 to 12 months. Given that the 20xx series will probably ship in summer, and may have a 30 to 50% improvement with the ddr6 memory, I say the older cards will continue to increase their ROI going by GPU prices for the last 3 months. I can also predict that more and more 10xx cards will hit the used market, pushing their worth lower and lower. Especially if Nvidia is able to launch with a massive inventory of 20xx, which could be why they have not launched yet. Original launch was supposed to be sometime late last year. But I think there was such a memory shortage that they just could not launch yet.


Up to a 1.18. Network at 475,000 kh/s so price is zec price holding it down. All the news is about the rumored F3 for ethereum actually being used by Bitmain . There is some evidence that they could be mining several so called ASIC resistant cryptos to account for the difficulty spike and price drop. It would make sense as I know so many people that are selling their rigs. I have even shut down old power hogs from mining zec as I pay about 20 cents per kwh


Profit now at 89 cents. Zec below 200. Diff still high on all the coins. Either people are still mining a lot, or the rumors of Bitmain already using Asics for the Alt coins is true.


for Zec below 200 and diff still over 10M… not made sense…




I believe there are new ASIC and new FPGA mining machines secretly deployed mining the major Alt coins . But that is just my opinion. They will keep driving the difficulty higher and the price lower. Then nvidia new 11xx or 20xx will further the cue until the pain is too much for the small miners. FPGA would be interesting if they could make it efficient for mining, because every time they fork they could change the function of the miner, if my understanding of the tech is correct.


Lowest I have seen for this thread 79 cents. Zec at $189 if it does go to 150 that could take the daily profit down to 60 cents? Only a 5 years to pay it off at the the 1200 recent price of a 1080ti


probably F3 is real… from the difficulty compare with pricing… maybe private released already…


Network hash rate has dropped a bit so it up to 96 cents now


Hanging tight at 95 cents per day


At least I can generate roughly 25% more coins : ) But it could also include some lucky bonus : ) And I was able to buy ridiculously low priced ASIC miners… Just in case the prices raise again I am prepared.


Now down to 79 cents per day

Also thought in would include the price for Germany where they can pay 30 cents per kwh

That would be a loss of 30 cents per day!!


Quite a little bounce. Up to 1.02 per day.


Id like to thank you for taking the time to update us! Very interesting to see the massive fluctuations just in days.


A lot has to do with the network hashrate. It fluctuates 100k kh/s with a 24 hour period almost daily. Must be from nicehash and other auto mining programs that move between coins.


All cryptos catching a bid. Profit up to 1.05 per day.


Well the bounce was short lived. Pulling in 77 cents per day now.


74 cents. I think that is a new low. Personally I think we will see much lower. I think btc will fall 30% to 5k area. I think zec will fall 40% if that happens. That should be $110 area. So at that price a 1080ti should be less than 50 cents a day. A big fall from $6 bucks a day at one point.