ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet for Windows

Many thanks to @anon47418038 for providing us a ZCash node for Windows. The ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet is also ready and works on Windows:

A detailed Windows installation procedure exists on the GitHub site of the ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet.

In case of problems users are encouraged to report bugs on the issues page.

DISCLAIMER: ZCash and the GUI wallet for Windows are currently experimental. Have fun but use them with caution :wink:


Excellent setup instructions!


When attempting to send I get the error message “16:bad-txns-oversize”

Any idea how to correct this?

I had the same error and resolved it by splitting up the tx into smaller amounts.

how big were the txns that triggered the error?

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How do I check that?

This is a “core-zcash” error. This article would be helpful to diagnose it: Perhaps you could try to send 2-3 transactions with lower amount each…

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Thanks, I was able to send by splitting into 4 smaller txns

Well done nice to see someone making important development. Hope the zcash team sponsor you well :wink:

Nether I nor @anon47418038 have received anything from the ZCash company.

Sorry to read that, like radix42, you’re also not being sufficiently rewarded by grateful users. I can appreciate that you’d like ZEC donations but can I suggest that you also list other payment addresses?

I should probably go find out from the the github issues page but, when you say that a transactions is too large, do you mean that in terms of bytes or the amount of the transaction?

yes @vaklinov has put a huge amount of effort into the Swing Wallet, which is the only way I know so far to send shielded transactions with a GUI!!! send donation love his way, everyone!


The error message comes from zcashd it is due to technical limitations in transaction size in bytes (not the total value per se). I think this limit is exceeded. It may happen due to too many inputs or outputs that have to be included. However I am not an expert on this…

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yeah from the issue someone linked to earlier in this thread, its when there are too many inputs to a JoinSplit (too many notes) or too many recipients, etc.

And, I gather, getting an over-sized transaction to be accepted is not currently fixed by adding a larger transaction fee?

There’s some upper limit over which that won’t help…they’re going to improve error messages for that and try and move the error generation to BEFORE it generates the proof


ill be up late tonight

how do you verify it in windows?

Verifying the download

This step is very important! To verify that the file ZCashSwingWalletUI.jar is an authentic release, you
need to compute its SHA256 checksum, like this:

user@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ sha256sum ZCashSwingWalletUI.jar
e6b877d0811190f398b6465580ec640808b1ea719a2e7f5838658a938153f72f ZCashSwingWalletUI.jar

If the resulting checksum is not e6b877d0811190f398b6465580ec640808b1ea719a2e7f5838658a938153f72f then something is wrong and you should discard the downloaded wallet!

The page that describes the Windows installation points to the same release as exists for Linux (the JAR is the same across platforms). There are sites like this one that can calculate the SHA256 sum for verification.

Generally I recommend to security conscious users to build the wallet from source code. The JAR that is built from source code on one OS can be used on all…

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ok thanks, just for a how to Id like to do it all in windows though, easier for windows only users.

problem is… the sprout key is going to take me days to download :frowning:

is there anyway to get it on a site with a faster download speed? maybe my internet is just sucking right now… maybe ill try to restart my modem.

The commands to build it would be simllar on Windows:

git clone https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui.git
cd zcash-swing-wallet-ui
ant -buildfile .\src\build\build.xml

but users will need to install Git/JDK/Ant…

@anon47418038 has shared the keys on a high speed site:
https://zcash.dl.mercerweiss.com/sprout-proving.key and