Zcasher for iOS and android

I am working on a app called Zcasher which is basically the us version of another app called Peerschweinchen (german) which comes first.
Both will allow to buy hashpower on the go for 24month. You can choose from a 1070 or 1080ti (400 or 700sol/s).
The offering is not unlimited. Whenever a spot is free, you will be informed by a push notification.
You get the payout minus a fee of 50% which covers colocation on a monthly scheme. Prices will vary but it is by now profitable within 24month.

I will keep you updated in this thread. My intention is to get zCash a bit more attention.

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50% Fee? Good luck with that …

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Why? It isn’t much if you compare it to other Cloud miners. Remember you don’t pay for electricity and you don’t need to take care about the rig and setup.

If you compare it to genesis mining’s offering:
405H/S for 2900$ for 2years of mining
62.49$ per day revenue -> 24*62,49 =
1500$ => 1400dollar loss -> Genesis doesn’t offer it anymore

700Sol/s for 1000$+ 50% fee

So let’s say you get 108$/day. 54$ in our case will be taken away.
24*54$= 1296$ => 296$ more than you have invested by todays rating of zcash

Comprare it to german home miners:
Electricity price 0.28€ cents/kwH = 0,33$
Lets take the 700sol unit
Price in germany ~700€.
Other components: 200€
= 900€ or 1058$

Electricy per month:

Earning at home/month minus electricity costs:

in 2 years:

Not even the GPU is paid.

So it depends where you live but for some it is the better deal.

Anyway… Prices will vary from day to day and so the deal maybe sometime more attractive and sometimes even less.

Don’t take me wrong. I just think that you should start with less %
This is my opinion. I do welcome your project!

I know… : ) I take it as constructive argument.
First the app… as time goes by the prices may change right on start as well. I would like to work with referral discounts which lowers the fee for both parties. (sharing on social media etc…)


Works… Version 1.0 will be submitted next week for review.
The international version will be called zCasher , the german version is called Peerschweinchen (peer piggy)


How it looks in motion.

I strongly recommend toning down the background. While it’s a great picture, it’s too busy as a background when you need to be able to see the UI. You could try blurring the background, putting a darker filter over it, change the opacity on the UI options themselves so they’re more visible or use a darker background all together. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I agree and will try some filtering : )

Bottom left : )
It will go first online on google play store.

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Android version should be live now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.zcasher

The URL above will need some hours before it goes live.

Please wait till Friday with ordering anything because we will offer a broader range of Hashrates to choose from and we will change (reduce) the prices at the weekend as well.

Feel free to give feedback (positive but also negative)

There’s definitely something wrong with your pricing. I would strongly recommend you take a long hard look at it.

For example: 700 Sol/s for $1000 is too high. I can go and buy a 1080 Ti for $1000 with a hashrate of 720+ Sol/s myself and earn all of the profit without your 50% skim off the top. Even if I have to pay electricity out of my own pocket I’m still much better off doing that on my own rather than choosing this route. I’m not really sure why I would pay someone $1000 to take 50% of my mined coins away for the next 2 years.

Hi, did you read the last post ? Friday : )
But is has to be clear that mining by yourself will always be less expensive. At least if you live in the US of A or a country with low electrity costs.
In Germany the electricity costs are 14 times higher for example. Also GPU prices are higher in Europe.
and there are countries were the infrastructure isn’t there at all to do mining on your own.

Fort he money you get also a warranty.
Means if the card blows up it will be replaced.
Also downtimes will be added at the end so mining period extends.

Now let’s wait till Friday for the real prices and fees.

Plan is to realize a 15% interest per year with the all in one service.

I did read your post. My opinion still stands until pricing is released. I can appreciate that this might be a better option for some in other countries, but as a North American I’m letting you know your original pricing scheme will net you very few customers on this side of the world.

Good luck!

Starting at friday it will look that way:

1sol/s for 24month = 1€

At first you can choose from 400Sol/s and 700Sol/s offering.
Soon there will be 300Sol/s

Basically a dedicated 1080ti /1070 or 1060

Lets check the 700sol/s offering:
You pay 700€ incl. VAT. This is what you pay for a 1080TI in Germany as normal user.
What you get now on top is:

  • You don’t need to build a rig or a PC
  • You don’t need room
  • You don’t have to live with noise and heat
  • You have a 24month warranty
  • and it is managed / maintained

The transaction fee will be 40% instead of 50%.
Payments will happen once a day and only if at least 0.02ZEC are mined.

Invest= 700€ = 834$
Earnings per month (based on todays data) 111$ (without fee)
After fee = 66,60$ /month

In 2years (includes the fee) = 1598,4$ (1342€)

This is the initial offering starting at friday.

Looks a bit better now. Another question, why does the app need permission to access the following:

  • Calendar
    read calendar events plus confidential information
    add or modify calendar events and send emails to guests without owners’ knowledge

  • Contacts
    read your contacts
    modify your contacts

  • Location
    approximate location (network-based)
    precise location (GPS and network-based)

  • SMS
    send SMS messages

  • Phone
    directly call phone numbers
    read phone status and identity

  • Photos / Media / Files
    read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

  • Storage
    read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

  • Camera
    take pictures and videos

  • Microphone
    record audio

  • Device ID & call information
    read phone status and identity

  • Other
    receive data from Internet
    view network connections
    pair with Bluetooth devices
    access Bluetooth settings
    full network access
    prevent device from sleeping
    modify system settings
    read Google service configuration

I’m curious to know the reason for these permissions as from what I can tell, pretty much none of them are a requirement to do whatever this app needs to do. Aside from access to the Internet of course. I could even understand Location since you could determine which fiat currency to use. I look forward to your response :slight_smile:


The app doesn’t show all features yet.
Including website access(browsing) alone requires some of this.
Push messages can contain dates (availability of offerings) which again leads to the callender.
Massaging adds foto upload and video upload.

All in all as soon you use some functions, they come with a rat tail of permissions.

Any discussion of adding some sort of inflation-adjusted hash rate increase? 2 years is a long time, and any hash power you buy now will be well under-powered within a year, let alone 2. I think you would do well to offer a variable hash rate that follows mean difficulty for an extra fee (e.g., if you pay an extra 30 euros / mo, we will adjust your hash power up to x%/mo in an effort to maintain revenue).

This is just me but what if you do something like this:

Every month or a lump sum you say if I give you X amount of Euros then I should get Y amounts of ZEC by a certain timepoint. That way customers know exactly what they will get and when. The risk would be if ZEC gets more or less expensive within that time period. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with the business though!