GPU mining rigs European supplier London based Vega RX580 NVIDIA 1070 1080Ti single mining rig to farm setup



Sure, any home made miner can do that. see my blog to see how to assemble one :



Dear @maxco ,

I briefly looked at your blog and to use the word “amateur” to describe it, is actually an offence to real Amateurs who put months and methodology to prepare to build their first rig.

I am not sure what your intent is by trying to publicize this dumm dumm conceived blog in this thread… which I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for its poor quality. There are enough people who spent a lot of money following guides like yours and then left stranded with no support… we see many here in this forum unfortunately…

I briefly went through this blog of your and two points (but I could find mistakes on almost every single line) are enough to realize your poor understanding of mining rigs:

  1. the max temperature you advise not to exceed 85C. No GPU can run for years (that’s the goal of a mining rig) at 84C or even 80C for that matter.
  2. the second, which relate to the point #1 above in a way, is the power consumption. Suggesting 165W for RX480 (obsolete graphic cards by the way that cannot be found new for sale like most cards you have posted in there. Used cards = no warranty = no risk management = fail). The TDP of RX cards is 150W so by suggesting they should be running them at 165W you are effectively sending all your cards to their creator in matter of weeks or months. Now I can see you asking yourself: that’s why I had to replace soooo many cards (if not, you will very soon unless you lower the watts consumption)

Lastly, the 5 paragraphs used to describe “service and maintenance” on their completeness, do not barely touch what an actually service and maintenance means and all the possible problematics a rig may encounter.

Clearly you haven’t done your homework properly or lack of judgement by expecting someone reading a poorly assembled blog like that to build and run a mining rig successfully.

I suggest you take the blog down and amend it, before hurting (financially and physically, by building a wooden frame, which is a fire hazard!!) someone who honestly and naively thought that by (unknowingly) follow your (very BAD) advices end up loosing a lot of money on the making.




As @PaoloS pointed out, it’s kind of an insult coming in here dropping a link to your “home made” blog.

Why are you sharing your first mining experience like you have any actual useful information? I can easily see you are no professional, and you set up is not as good as you think. Heck! Wodden rig? Suggesting motherboards that can support only 6 gpus? Crazy temperatures? ReSSources?

“Cryptocurrency Mining for Dummies”?.. More like “Dummies Mining for Cryptocurrency”.



just finished reading your blog and i would not advise to use it to anyone a lot of misleading info and false assumptions.


I remember reading this back in November or December of 2016.

Hey guys, in defense of the writer (I’m going to get flamed!), this was written in October of 2016.

Yes we know there is a lot of bad information listed and I was fully expecting to see a reference to SilentArmy or nheqminer mining software.

Least those reading it from this post are being warned


well it even worst because it is the authors responsibility to correct the mistakes and false info and add the new info what has not been capable for almost a year when he is promoting it now. at the end the blog could do more harm than good. you could also name it how to throw your money away by building a mining rig…running gpus up to 85 deg omg i feel sorry for the gpus


In regards to 8, 13, 19 or 75 GPU on a single rig, let me assure you that they are no better than 6, in fact they carry only disadvantages in my opinion. To name some:

  1. downtime - if there is a momentarily software or hardware failure, on a 6 GPU miner you’ll loose … well, 6 GPU hashrates, if you have 13 or 16 GPU, imagine the downtime loss!
  2. cost - one may argue that it requires less motherboard & CPU to run a 13 or 16 GPU mining rig. That may be true, but having more hardware attached to a single rig since the main cause of failure on a mining rig IS the GPU, there is a higher possibility for that PC to have failures :thinking:
  3. maintenance - due to software and hardware limitations, running a 13+ GPU requires a different set of skills than 6 or 8
  4. mobility flexibility, weight and handling - 6 GPU miner are fine to handle, 8 may be manageable but you will not be able to lift a 13 GPU miner. So if you are ever thinking of moving it, you will have to dismantle it,
  5. ultimately, the 6 GPU mining rig is the most reliable as it has been proven and tested for many many years.

After all is a personal choice and I respect those who choose to build 13 or 16 GPU rigs.


New prices and build, the 6 x AMD Radeon VEGA56 8GB HBM2 miner. Very reliable and low power consumption when mining monero (or CryptoNight related coins) only 750W mining @ 9Kh/s!!!

£2,475 6 x RX570 4GB ETH 150Mh/s Monero 3500H/s Max Power 900W
£2,995 6 x RX 580 8GB ETH 160Mh/s Max Power 950W
£3,675 6 x Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB ETH 175Mh/s Zcash 2250H/s Monero 4000H/s Max Power 900W
£4,125 6 x AMD VEGA56 8GB HBM2 ETH 180Mh/s Zcash 2350H/s Monero 9000H/s Max Power 1000W
£4,575 5 x Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB ETH 180Mh/s Zcash 3000H/s Monero 4400H/s Max Power 1000W

Prices are inclusive of VAT. If you are VAT registered outside the UK, you can get VAT free prices (-20%). Delivery address must match the VAT address on the Vies online database.

Kind regards,

+44 0207 866 2386


If you are in or around Central London on Monday 4th of December, feel free to RSVP or pop in for some free food and drinks :wink:

There will be a live mining rig running.

Blockchain software development (Dapp) + Ethereum & Zcash mining equipments

Monday, Dec 4, 2017, 5:30 PM

Hummus Bros
Victoria House,37-63 Southampton Row,London WC1B 4DA ( nearest tube is Holborn) London, GB

32 Developers, Investors & Miners Attending

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: alongside mining there is an active interest in developing applications on the blockchain. Developers, engineers, visionaire, entrepreneurs and investors are welcome to come and discuss ideas and opportunities. Personally looking for business partners who wants to move quickly in this new startup with equal shares and resource...

Check out this Meetup →


Hi there! What you think regarding this cards: RADEON RX 470 MINING EDITION 8192MB GDDR5 SAMSUNG PCI-EXPRESS GRAPHICS CARD

They are specially for mining

many thanks


Mining cards have 1 year warranty vs 2 to 3 years for normal cards.

Also you should consider the resale value. A normal GPU can be sold to anyone wanting a graphic card for their PC, mining card can only be sold to miners and after one year not many would want to take that risk.

I don’t think the current proposition from AMD would make me change my mind about which card to buy.

Hope this help,



You absolutely right. I want build a farm, can you assist me, of course i will pay for you time, but i want to build on my own, many thanks


What size farm are you looking to build?


at the moment 3 rigs by 6 cards, my email


or 3x8 cards, not sure yet


Hi Paolo
How are you? I want to build few machines, would you like to to build them for me?
What’s your email? got some questions and we can discuss details.



Hey, thanks for the message. My email is


A bad boy ready for despatch to Croatia.

5 x 1080Ti Sapphire Gaming X Trio 11GB


Hi Paolo, could you please send me a quitation for 5 rigs? Preferation of 6 or 8 cards each


Latest development:

24 x GPU mining cluster (with portable aircon attached directly to a side panel)

Self cooling cabinet, no need to cool the whole room.

Available now!

Next stop: developing a HPC Computer cluster for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and DL (Deep Learning) in dual boot (mining while not developing :wink: Estimate Launch: February 2018