GPU mining rigs European supplier London based Vega RX580 NVIDIA 1070 1080Ti single mining rig to farm setup


Well stocked up just enough till ny eve :sweat_smile:

[I should punctualise, I don’t sell hardware individually, i.e 24 graphic cards etc]


Hi Paolo,

since you are pretty much hardware authority i ask for your help.
I have 6x zotac 1070ti amp extreme (2x 8pin power) and kolink 1200watt.
4 gpus work, adding 5th and 6th system does not power up.
Mobo is gigabyte h110-d3a.
All risers (ver 007s) work, i have tested with 4x gpu then changed 2 on one gpu. Everytime it powered up and booted into win10 (uefi).

What are your thoughts?


Hi, the motherboard is the problem. Cannot help any further because I never
used it before. Get a Asrock BTC mobo

Kind regards and happy new year.



It could also be a PSU cable, it is rare but it happens. Try to switch
cables between GPUs working with non working if the GPU working stops
working then it may be the cable… You have to eliminate all possible
issue. Again, the cable miswired issue is rare but it has happened two or
three times out of hundreds. It just trip the PSU as soon as you turn it on.




Happy new year and all the best in 2018 to you too!

In theory, is there enough power output from 1200w to power-up 6x 1070ti?
I will try to get my hands on H81, H110 btc are near impossible to get a hold of.


Likewise :slight_smile:

Plenty room for the PSU, 6 cards should never use more than 900W, anything
more and they will just reduce their lifespan.

Don’t bother with H110



Busy bee


nice! jealous I am! and the rigs look so clean, awesome!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Just a quick update

As you may or may not be aware, there is a restrain on graphic cards on the whole of Europe at the moment. It happened last year and it lasted several weeks (few months). What this means is that there won’t be any graphic card available for weeks and those very few that will be around, will have a limited purchasing Qty per customer (retailers imposing a 1, max 2 GPU per order) prices will be over the moon as well.

Even distributing companies are preventing account managers to see the current or incoming stock. It is so severe that account managers cannot even say the price they are selling cards for over the phone to not reveal the prices they have agreed with their product managers for a particular customer, to the account managers around them :man_facepalming:

Those few graphic cards left in the market have skyrocketed in price.

As a historic customer to some of these distributors (with a steady £100K monthly purchasing power) I have been given access to some stock but is very limited and slightly pricey (considering that there may not be any around for weeks, you do the math)

I am currently able to get some MSI 1080 Ti Gaming Trio (the only ones I use on my 1080Ti builds)
I usually price a rig with 5 of them at £4985 but because of this restrain, the price for the card itself have gone up (distributors may doing in on purpose but who can blame them, since they will have no GPU stock for weeks to come, hence their sale with take a hit) therefore I can offer 1080Ti rigs for £4999.99 (I know, silly but every penny count as I try to keep them under £5K).

I cannot stress enough that stock is crazy limited.

Time is also very limited as these cards are landing the day after tomorrow and I suspect they will be gone by the time they land.

I am just putting it out there, to see if someone is looking for 1080Ti rigs; this is the time, no one knows when next batch will land.

PS: I do not sell individual components.

All the best and get in touch asap (AKA now!) to avoid any disappointment. Under these circumstance, I would prefer if you call rather than emailing me as time is the essence. I work long hours; don’t worry if it is late in the evening, I will still pick up the phone.

There isn’t any waiting list, I am always up to date with building and delivering, scheduling big orders to accommodate single deliveries.

Kind regards,

Paolo S.
T/a 2-K Electronics
London, UK
Landline: 0207 866 2386
Mobile: 07906905430


Hi all,

the last 5 x 1080Ti MSI Gaming X Trio rig remained at £5450 inc VAT + delivery/shipping.

First come first served basis.

Kind regards,

WhatsApp 07906905430



Do you have any GTX 1080 (not TI) rigs available?



Hi Jaroslav,

1080 are slower than 1070, so I recommend to get a 1070 which is much cheaper.

I’ve got none 1080, never built one and cards are on restrain at the moment so neither 1070 I am afraid.

Kind regards,



Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the info!


1080 are slower then 1070? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, because of the different memory type, it is reported everywhere

Hope this help,



I don’t get it, but ok


Stock update

As you are all aware by now, there is a restrain on graphic cards. Speaking with different distributors it has emerged that there is a shortage of raw material and there will be a delay on launch of the next gen cards (no ETA), not to mention very little availability of the current ones. We are not talking about weeks but months before returning to normality.

As result, the market for graphic cards is very volatile.

At this time I cannot guarantee any price or build but this is what I have on offer (again, this is based on today’s availability, tomorrow it may change)

Price Inc. VAT Graphic Card Approximate Hashrates & Power
ETH Zcash Monero Max Power
£3,995 6 x RX580 4GB 150Mh/s 1500H/s 3200H/s 950W

These are Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4GB (yes, hashrate is conservative, these cards should easily reach 160Mh/s but it varies from batch to batch. 150Mh/s is the minimum you should expect)

Once again, I cannot guarantee but if they are still available, it will take approx 7 working days from order to shipping/delivery.

Currently there are enough graphic cards to build 15 rigs with 6 cards each.

If you are interested, please get in touch by phone on 079 069 05430

Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:


Price Ex. VAT Price Inc. VAT Graphic Card Approximate Hashrates & Power
ETH Zcash Monero Max Power
£3,607.00 £4,328 6 x RX 580 8GB 160Mh/s 1650H/s 3500H/s 950W
£2,967.00 £3,560 6 x Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB 125Mh/s 1650H/s 2950H/s 850W

Also 6 x Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB and 6 x AMD rx580 8GB mining rigs available.

5 to 7 working days lead time.


No, that’s not true. 1080 are faster then 1070. I have both and in my case the 1070 are between 460 and 480 Sol/s and the 1080 between 530 and 545 Sol/s.


Hey, thanks for sharing your experience. Like I said it isn’t from personal experience, mostly from reports online. The price difference with the 1070 do not justify the price still (in my opinion) it also depend on the specific card perhaps?