Nominating @brunchtime for ZOMG (December 2021)

Hey. Honored to be nominated - I will gladly accept, and if elected do my darnedest to make ZEC and ZOMG grow and shape the world for the better.

About me - I’m a web developer. I’m a ZOMG grant recipient (two times) I built ZECpages and have a ton of fun seeing people post there, finding out what new features they want, sometimes building those features. I have a normie senior dev job where I p much just crush it for 7 hrs a day. I do 300 pushups a day. I play piano; I’m really into William Byrd rn.

On ZEC: I think ZEC needs to be used to be fully appreciated. ZECpages, and zecmailer previously, were both built to make it easy for people to test out and get a feel for something I think is vastly interesting: open, anonymous, and decentralized, programmable money and data. I imagine ZECpages as a crystalline vending machine floating in space. Anyone the world over can throw in a dime and etch their thoughts into a durable public record. It’s fun, and it’s been the source of countless hours of inspiration and amusement. With light wallet syncs making big strides recently, lighter-weight ZEC Blockchain-MVC apps have more potential than ever.

On ZOMG: I think ZOMG should strive to be independent from ZF very soon. It’s generally presented as a third entity, and I think it’d be better all-around if it actually was.

I can’t tell you I’m that much wiser than the next guy on project selection, and honestly ZOMG grants have been pretty slim pickings as yet. In general I think the last ZOMG committee made decent calls on what to fund.

I can tell you that if I’m on ZOMG, I’ll be excited about funding anything that’s small and novel. I’ll be super open and accessible to the community (as I already am) and will always try to help people get involved and building on ZEC. Maybe it’ll happen. Maybe it’ll even be cool! We will find out.